The torch will enter Guangzhou to know the road lighting guardian (Figure)

Guangzhou night scene brilliant

Liang Minjun: Three class monitors running in the street lamp of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau

Work content: installation, maintenance, maintenance of street lights

Work testimony: It is the happiest thing to see the players returning to work safely every day.

Whenever someone asks Liang Minwei, you are repairing street lights all day, sun and rain, not too tired? Liang Minjun usually only smiles and says: I have been used for 20 years and I have been used to it. He will also be proud to add that the city government requires 98% of the lighting rate, and we have achieved 99%.

From the south of the South China Expressway to the Luogang District, there are a total of 15,000 street lights. During the day, according to the feedback from the repair center, the citizens' incoming calls, and the requirements of the municipal department, the problematic street lights are overhauled; In his own work, Liang Min is endless.

Although the work of the street lamp is only dealing with street lamps, it seems that it is not at all simple in the eyes of Liang Minyan. In a dark night, if there are fewer street lights, the public's travel is inconvenient! Liang Minjun told reporters that especially in major holidays, such as the recent Olympic torch relay, the torch relay road line lights must be fully illuminated!

If it is said that every time the repair task is completed, and then the voice of praise and satisfaction of the public is the greatest happiness of these lightsman, then the light bulb, the wire is stolen or destroyed by external forces is the most hated thing for the light-keeper. The bulbs and wires in this area are often stolen, and they are installed in the morning and stolen at night. The street lamp facilities were stolen and the citizens were more dangerous when they traveled at night. According to the statistics of the power supply department, there were 2,075 road lightings stolen in Guangzhou last year, and the total length of stolen lines was 756,193 meters.

On the day of interviewing Liang Minjun, he was working on a newly installed streetlight maintenance switch under an interchange in Guangyuan East. The car on the main road whizzed past. For the light-keeper, it was a time bomb, but Liang Minjun and the players had already gotten used to these thrilling scenes. It is more common to be caught by a tree branch, falling off a ladder, and being electrically charged by 220V to these small accidents. It is the greatest hope for the three classes of our streetlights to solve the problem for the public and to illuminate the street lights. Liang Minjun said. Our reporter Lu Zhilin Intern Lin Xiaomiao


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