CREE Tang Guoqing: Optimistic about the prospects of China's LED market

Under the background of the current global economic recession and the slowdown of China's economic growth, the LED industry, which has always been favored by people, will also be greatly affected. The future opportunities and challenges are always the topic of concern to the industry or investment institutions. . Many people have different views on the future of the LED industry. As a photo-portal website, Optoelectronics News has been closely tracking the overall industry development trend and is now making "the opportunities and challenges facing the LED industry in the overall economic recession." "Special topics, we hope to consult the views of many companies and experts from multiple angles and multiple dimensions to explore the development trend of the industry. It is the so-called "collecting information from ten parties, condensing the Quartet's remarks, recruiting Quartet talents, and exploring future trends." "The following is an interview with Mr. Tang Guoqing, the general manager of CREE (Core) Huagang Optoelectronics Shanghai Co., Ltd.:

Author: Has CREE been affected in the recent financial crisis? How to look at the prospects of China's LED industry?

Tang Guoqing: This crisis has an impact on any enterprise, but it is more or less. For CREE, the impact is relatively small, and we have achieved good growth this year.

I am still very optimistic about the prospects of Chinese LEDs. The country has launched a 4 trillion construction plan, and the LED industry will benefit. In addition, there will be Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shandong National Games, Shenzhen Universiade, etc., which will play a positive role in promoting the popularity of LED. At present, the person in charge of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province said that the province's large-scale replacement of LED streetlights and LED streetlights has been started in Dongguan. It is planned to be implemented in 10 cities including Dongguan, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhaoqing and Zhongshan within two years. Replacement plan for “Thousands of Miles” (one thousand kilometers of 100,000 street lights). This is a huge market, in line with it, CREE's corresponding "LED City Lighting Plan" is already under implementation.

Author: What countermeasures do you think the company should take in the economic crisis?

Tang Guoqing: I think companies can take the following actions:

First, the most important thing in confidence, the crisis, the crisis is dangerous, the crisis is the opportunity, the courage to face, the sun rises as usual, tomorrow will be better! Everything depends on myself. I firmly believe that the development of the LED industry is still a "good start."

Second, focus on doing your own superior products, which part of the industry chain you are in, concentrate on doing it well, don't spread the stall too much, which product you are good at, just do it well, definitely Have a good future.

Third, looking for a market that meets the characteristics of its own products, LED applications have now diversified, and in this volatile market, find the right one for them and focus on development.
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