Shenzhen semiconductor lighting profits fell and survived against the water

Recently, Shenzhen Kaixin Photoelectric Co., Ltd. has won a large order from Europe, and will supply more than 10,000 QLED brand LED tunnel lights to Europe during the year. Wu Shaohong, the person in charge of Kaixin Optoelectronics, told the reporter: LED business is not as good as in previous years, so we must try our best to survive. We have our own brand QLED in Europe, which has improved the popularity and added value of our products. At present, many European cities are trialing. New LED tunnel lights.

The reporter visited a number of semiconductor lighting exhibition companies and learned that the overall profit of the semiconductor lighting industry has declined a lot this year. However, the main advantages of Shenzhen enterprises are constantly innovating in applied technology, focusing on the cultivation of independent brands, showing the strong survivability of Shenzhen enterprises in the boat. .

Gross profit margin decreased by at least 50%

The 5th International Semiconductor Lighting Exhibition held at the end of July attracted 197 exhibitors from home and abroad to participate in the first round of the national semiconductor lighting industrialization base.

As Shenzhen is the largest and most concentrated area of ​​the domestic semiconductor lighting industry, Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Corps is the main exhibitor, Shenzhen Fangda, Diguang, Kaixin, Zhongdian Lighting, Quantum Optoelectronics, Huaying, Pune Optoelectronics, Kerui Electronics, More than 50 companies such as Guanghuayuan and Jufei Optoelectronics appeared.

Jufei Optoelectronics specializes in the R&D and production of high-power LED and other optoelectronic devices. Last year, it sold about 200 million yuan. The marketing staff of the company introduced that the semiconductor lighting market is sluggish this year, sales have declined, and the prices of the entire industry have generally declined, and profits have become more and more

A semiconductor lighting industry expert who asked not to be named revealed that since the terminal consumer electronics such as mobile phones, TVs, and computers have been cutting prices, the price of LED backlights has been falling. In the past, the LED backlight source gross margin was over 30%, and now only 10 %-15% has fallen by at least half. In the past, many companies that have done LED backlights are now turning to LED lamps to seek new profit growth points.

Intensified competition in the semiconductor lighting industry

At the exhibition, the reporter saw that Diguang Electronics has won the signature of the world-renowned
LED Lighting experts, and everyone in the industry knows that Diguang has always been a leading enterprise engaged in R&D and production of LED backlights. Today's high-profile transformation is quite eye-catching.

Diguang has undertaken research on a number of major national projects. For example, in 2006, the low-cost dynamic LED Light source system was included in the national 863 technology research and bidding plan; in 2007, the TFT-LCD large-size LED backlight module for TV research and development and industrialization was adopted. Listed as the bidding project plan of the Ministry of Information Industry's Electronic Information Industry Development Fund. Last year, Diguang's sales exceeded 300 million yuan. At the beginning of this year, large-size LED backlight products were introduced for computer monitors. Although the technology of ultra-large LED backlighting has passed, the market reaction is cold. For example, a brand of 42-inch LED backlight color TV market price of 18,000 yuan per unit, consumers are discouraged before the expensive price. Color TV can't be sold at all. Therefore, although we have the ability to solve the large-size LED backlight technology, but because the LED device itself is expensive and the end consumers can't accept it, then we can only choose a new focus. We will start some energy this year. Going to semiconductor lighting, the sales of lighting products in the first half of the year will be 4 million yuan, and LED lamps will become our new profit growth point. Su Zunhui, Director of Electronic Technology, Diguang.

Diguang switched from backlight to semiconductor lighting, which made traditional semiconductor lighting companies feel a lot of pressure. The competition in the semiconductor lighting industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the good days of high profits in the past few years may be gone forever. An LED Lamp exhibitor in the field is worried.

Technological innovation accelerates enterprise development

Intensified competition in the industry, a large number of enterprises will face the big test, especially the SMEs with weak innovation ability may face the risk of bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions.

However, there are also a few companies that have come up against the current and have come up with amazing answers. On the winners of the 2nd National Semiconductor Lighting Products and Application Innovation Competition announced by the company, the LED road lighting series developed by Shenzhen Bangbeier Electronics Co., Ltd. won the best popularity award.

Yao Qiu, deputy general manager of the company, said that the company had just started in the overseas market last year but had a gratifying performance. LED lamps were exported to more than 100 countries. This year, exports suffered a double blow from the reduction of export tax rebates and the appreciation of the renminbi. Therefore, it was originally expected to achieve a sharp leap in exports this year. The goal is difficult to complete. As the company has always focused on technological innovation, and actively participate in some domestic urban lighting projects and street lighting renovation projects, the company's sales in the first half of this year has exceeded the annual sales level of last year, and it is estimated that this year's sales can exceed 100 million.

Not long ago, Fangda Guoke Company participated in the research and development of LED fluorescent lamp key manufacturing technology research and application demonstration project passed the demonstration of major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province. The expert group unanimously agreed that the technical route of the project is feasible and has strong technical and industrial strength. It is expected that the product technical performance indicators meet the special requirements of major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province, and it has very necessary and significant promotion significance.

At the 17th National Invention Expo, the TOP light bar and U-shaped lamp products invented by Shenzhen Kaixin Optoelectronics were respectively awarded the Invention Gold Award and Silver Award by the China Invention Association, and the TOP Light Bar also won the Macao Foundation Invention Award, and The TOP light bar, an independent innovation, was applied to the National Stadium lighting project and was embellished with the Olympics. Kaixin LED lamps have been used in the lighting projects of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shenzhen Renmin South Road. The newly introduced induction lamps have also opened up rapidly.

It is understood that last year, the city engaged in semiconductor lighting technology and product research and development, production of more than 700 companies, covering all aspects of the industrial chain, the industry scale of about 15 billion yuan, more than 120,000 employees, registered capital of more than 2 billion yuan. At present, Shenzhen has become the world's major production and supply base for LED backlights, and the largest domestic production and supply base for LED displays. It has also become a major domestic producer in the field of packaging and special industrial lighting.

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