"Energy Conservation Regulations for Public Institutions" requires energy management

According to the "Regulations on Energy Conservation of Public Institutions" promulgated by the State Council on the 11th, public institutions such as state organs, institutions, and organizations that use fiscal funds in whole or in part should set up energy management positions and implement an energy management post responsibility system. The operating positions of key energy-using systems and equipment should be equipped with professional and technical personnel.

The "Regulations" also require public institutions to establish and improve their energy-saving operation management systems and energy-use system operating procedures, strengthen energy-use systems and equipment operation adjustment, maintenance, inspections, and implement low-cost, cost-free energy-saving measures.

The "Regulations" pointed out that public institutions should reduce the standby energy consumption of air-conditioning, computers, copiers and other electrical equipment, and shut down power equipment in a timely manner. Public institutions shall strictly implement the state regulations on air-conditioning indoor temperature control, make full use of natural ventilation, and improve air-conditioning operation management. The public institution elevator system should implement intelligent control, reasonably set the number and time of elevator opening, and strengthen operation adjustment and maintenance.

The "Regulations" require public institutions to make full use of natural lighting, use high-efficiency energy-saving lighting fixtures, optimize lighting system design, improve circuit control methods, promote the application of intelligent control devices, and strictly control the external floodlighting of buildings and external decorative lighting. Public institutions should implement key monitoring of energy use in network equipment rooms, canteens, water-opening rooms, boiler rooms, etc., and take effective measures to reduce energy consumption.

According to the "Regulations", the official vehicles of public institutions should be equipped according to the standards. It is preferred to use vehicles with low energy consumption, low pollution and clean energy, and strictly implement the vehicle scrapping system. Public institutions shall use official vehicles in accordance with their prescribed purposes, formulate energy-saving driving regulations, and implement bicycle energy accounting systems. Public institutions should actively promote the socialization of official car services and encourage staff to use public transport and non-motorized transport.

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