The Energy Conservation Regulations of Public Institutions require energy audits

The "Regulations on Energy Conservation of Public Institutions" promulgated by the State Council on the 11th pointed out that public institutions should conduct energy audits in accordance with regulations, conduct technical and economic evaluations on the operation and energy use of energy-using systems and equipment, and adopt energy efficiency based on audit results. Measures.

The "Regulations" also announced the contents of the energy audit, including inspection of building completion acceptance data and energy use systems, equipment ledger data, inspection of the implementation of energy-saving design standards; check of electricity, gas, coal, oil, municipal heat and other energy sources Consumption measurement records and financial bills, assessment of total energy consumption, per capita energy consumption and unit building area energy consumption of classification and sub-items; inspection of energy consumption systems, equipment operation status, review of implementation of energy conservation management system; inspection of previous energy audits Implementation of the use of energy recommendations.

The energy audit also includes searching for energy-using potentials or locations with potential for energy conservation, proposing reasonable use of energy, reviewing annual energy-saving plans, implementation of energy consumption quotas, verifying the use of energy by public institutions over energy consumption, and reviewing energy measurement instruments. The operation status, check the authenticity and accuracy of the energy consumption statistics.

The "Regulations" will be implemented on October 1 this year.

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