Runner on the road to innovation

From the same starting point, when running towards a certain goal, how can the laggards catch up and surpass the leader? Is it more power than the leader, speed up the running speed, or do not follow the leader's route, another way to "cut the road"? In the fierce market competition, Jiang Tao of Zhejiang Shanpu Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. did not hesitate to choose the latter.

For more than a decade, Jiang Tao has been running on the road of innovation, using the power and courage to create a classic myth of lighting!

In the 1990s, Jiang Tao took the lead in using the "machine sealing" technology to successfully solve the product quality problem and achieved national patents in the face of half of the Jinyun lamp manufacturing enterprises failing to withstand the market quality problems. In the face of all the failures of more than a dozen fully automatic production lines introduced by state-owned enterprises, he boldly invested heavily in the introduction of “foreign” equipment, and combined years of practical experience with theoretical foundations, and successfully put into production in China in 2005. An automated circular fluorescent lamp production line, and listed as the top of the lighting industry's top ten news. In 2003, the EU countries introduced new and higher environmental protection laws and regulations (ROHS), suggesting that the mercury content of fluorescent tubes of different specifications can only be within 3, 8, or 10 milligrams, respectively, otherwise they will refuse to import. Jiang Tao went around to study, and worked boldly with Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and internal technical personnel to successfully overcome the technical difficulties at the end of 2005. “Shanpu Lighting” became the first manufacturer in China's lamp industry to pass the “ROHS Directive”. Jiang Tao's three technological innovations have made “Shanpu Lighting” the first in the domestic advanced level and become the partner of Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, OSRAM and GE.

“Technology innovation products, technology is leading the market, but the strength of a company alone is not enough. Only by innovating talents and building high-level teams can promote the development of enterprises.” While running around, Jiang Tao has been Efforts are made to find the “Maxima” that can help the development of “Shanpu Lighting”.

In recent years, more than 10 doctors from internationally renowned light source companies have been included in the company. This year, Jiang Tao targeted the "Na Xian" to foreign countries, went to the United States, Germany, and invited foreign chief scientists to "Shan Pu Lighting" to develop new products. He said: "The comprehensive capabilities of Chinese companies are still far from the internationally renowned companies. We only have to introduce high-tech talents, buy out their 'storage technology' and stand on their shoulders to innovate before they have the opportunity to surpass. 1

Jiang Tao's concept innovation, technological innovation, and talent innovation have won the company's development. “Shanpu Lighting” has grown from a hand-worked family factory with only 20 people to 1,300 employees, with assets of 150 million yuan, and a modern enterprise with more than 10 internationally advanced fully automated production lines. Through painstaking research, Jiang Tao won 20 patents and was awarded the title of “Zhejiang Workers' Economic and Technological Innovation Experts”.

Jiang Tao knows that trees that are not exposed to sunlight are destined to be the pillars of the building, and that no innovative companies will not have a long-term development in a fiercely competitive market. On the road of innovation, Jiang Tao continued to run and continued to work for the future of “Shanpu Lighting”.
Editor: China Lighting Network Wasteland

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