Shenyang energy-saving work new breakthrough LED lighting power saving 70%

On February 3, the author learned from the relevant departments that last year, Shenyang City combined with the optimization of the structure of the annual activities, the energy conservation work as an important starting point and breakthrough for adjusting the economic structure and transforming the development mode, and made positive progress.

Last year, the city carried out evaluation work on 10 new key energy-saving projects, limiting the development of six high-energy-consuming industries such as cement and glass. Through shutting down and turning, a total of 151 enterprises were shut down and rectified, and more than 30 enterprises were relocated and rebuilt. At home, 105 boilers were eliminated and 47 boilers were rebuilt, and the glutamic acid production line of the Hongmei MSG plant with backward production capacity was completely removed.

In the commercial sector, the city has included the energy consumption of 28 large retail enterprises into the daily monitoring system. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized six energy-saving service companies to conduct comprehensive energy-saving and consumption-reduction diagnosis for key large-scale commercial enterprises such as Zhongxing. The geothermal hot ice storage integrated heating and refrigeration system project of the commercial city was rated as a renewable energy demonstration project by the state.

In the field of tourism services, the city's star-rated hotels actively participated in the creation of green tourism hotels. Among them, 4 hotels were rated as Jinye-level green tourist hotels; 16 hotels were rated as silver-leaf-level green tourist hotels.

In the field of transportation, the city has updated 1,559 buses and 1,590 taxis; actively promoting the application of hydraulic retarding energy-saving technology in the bus industry, it has been used on 20 vehicles of Shenfu Intercity Passenger Transport.

In the small field, Shenyang urban construction, first, the new civil construction is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the building energy-saving standards; in addition to the independent
Power Supply system transformation and centralized lighting control system along the Golden Corridor, 540 lighting points use LED Such as high-efficiency lighting, the power saving rate is more than 70%, the main street signs and outdoor advertising facilities are all changed to LED light sources. The second is to continue to promote ground source heat pump technology. Last year, the city added about 11 million square meters of energy-efficient buildings, and the newly added ground source heat pump technology application area was 161.8940 million square meters. The third is to actively promote new energy. The implementation of the two landfills of the Tiger Chong and Daxin biogas power generation projects, in which the Tiger Chong Phase I grid-connected power generation, annual power generation of 13 million degrees.

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