Millet TV 2nd generation out of the box evaluation

I had the privilege of going to Beijing to participate in the launch of the Millet TV 2 and the millet tablet, and personally experienced the charm of the Millet TV 2 after the conference. Since then, it has decided to buy the millet TV 2, and it is because of the participation in the press conference that we got the F code of the precious millet TV 2. Yesterday (6.3) Millet TV 2 finally started, so it was very quick to pay for the order and logistics was awesome. Today, we received a TV and subwoofer delivered by SF Express. Then just follow me out of the box.

In the big box is the millet TV 2 and the soundbar, which is a subwoofer.

“Always believe that good things will happen”

The TV box is fastened by such a white plastic buckle.

Remove the four white plastic buckles to open the top cover.

After opening the cover, you can see the veiled millet TV2.

The installation steps are attached to the package to facilitate the user's own installation.

On the back is a soundbar and an accessory box, which you can remove in order.

Long soundbar.

There are 8 speakers in a small figure, which contains great energy.

Do not ignore this accessory box.

Open the accessory box and see what's inside?

A three-pack voucher, a Bluetooth remote control, a soundbar power cord, an SPDIF cable, two polarized 3D glasses, some screws and a screwdriver, and an antenna isolator and adapter.

The back of millet TV 2.

Compared with the millet TV 1, the 2nd generation interface is more abundant and complete. At the bottom there is a HDMI port, a VGA port, a set of AV port, network cable port, audio output port and cable/antenna port.

There are TF card slot on the side, two USB ports, and two HDMI ports. One HDMI port is equipped with ARC function, which is the audio return function. Friends who support the ARC amplifier do not need to worry about it.

Follow the installation steps to proceed.

A person can complete the assembly of the TV stand without any effort.

The TV with the stand can finally stand up.

The connection work is not bad, because it still needs to take home, so this layer of protective film did not tear first.

The "mi" logo underneath the TV, and below is my personal favorite touch control bar.

The herringbone stand propped up the slim millet TV2.

The thickness of the frame is 15.85mm, which is the thinnest place. The thickest place is 45mm, and it is already very thin.

The upper frame has a thickness of 6.3mm and an ultra-narrow frame.

Because there is no tape measure in the office, take a tape measure to measure the length of the TV, about 109cm.

The total height of the TV after installing the bracket is about 71cm.

Let's take a look at the soundbar. The soundbar's overall design uses a metal mesh wrapping design with a non-slip rubber strip on the bottom and a logo on the left.

The right side is the playback control and volume control buttons, which can be used as an independent sound.

Behind the power jack, 3.5mm audio jack and SPDIF interface. At the same time this speaker can also be connected via Bluetooth.

Millet TV 2 and soundbar together look.

This big box contained a subwoofer for the Millet TV 2 and it was a bit heavy.

Open the box and see the tightly packed subwoofer.

Take out the subwoofer, the front is wavy design, the upper right corner is a MI word breathing light, can mainly display Bluetooth pairing status.

Millet TV 2, soundbar, subwoofer trinity, this picture makes me think the subwoofer is more like a main box, the TV is the feeling of the display, is there?

After powering on the TV for the first time, there will be a novice guide that will help users get started quickly.

This Bluetooth remote control is really too cool! It is suggested that the millet box can be used afterwards. Compared with the infrared remote controller, it has the advantage of not needing to aim at the TV. Compared with the mobile phone remote control, it has an irreplaceable touch.

After pairing the remote controller, it is to make a connection and pairing the speakers.

Pairing of soundbar and subwoofer.

When the MI word breathing light is on, it means the pairing is successful, and then you can enjoy it.

After the pairings were done, they entered the familiar MIUI TV interface. I have to say that this is the best TV system I've ever used.

The blackness of the millet TV 2 has made great progress compared to the TV 1, and the light leakage phenomenon is also well resolved. Further light leakage tests are yet to be brought home after the test.

4K screensavers, really enough fine.

This screen saver, how to look tired.

This is tested at the request of a friend. The effect of the computer's display on the TV is that I use a Retina Macbook connected to the TV. The resolution can reach a 1:1 effect of 4K (38402160). My computer wallpaper is on the TV. Look better.

Simple test touch control bar, which is much easier than the previous push-button control buttons, and the remote control function of this pain point in the poke.

Finally, put a close-up of the screen that everyone cares about. After zooming in, you can see that the RBG arrangement is used, so everyone does not have to worry about RGBW.

This simple out-of-the-box and first-time experience was written here. Compared to Xiaomi TV 1, Xiaomi TV 2 has made great progress in appearance and intrinsic. It is equipped with a sound system to solve the problem of ordinary family building a simple one. Home theater needs. The excellent screen and the easy-to-use MIUI TV system are all excellent in perception and operation. The two small changes of the Bluetooth remote control and the touch control bar are simply a direct poke in my pain points, and I can't extricate myself on this TV. I will also continue to conduct a series of in-depth tests on Xiaomi TV 2 in the coming time. Interested buddies can also continue to pay attention.

The previous article "Out of the box" and the initial experience briefly introduced the appearance and components of the millet TV 2. This article focuses on the screen and 4K playback to do a bit of testing, and also hopes to give you some ideas from an objective perspective. Purchase help. The photos in this article are based on the fact that I directly screened the TV through the SLR camera, so it would be different from watching the TV screen directly with the naked eye. I will describe the actual situation of my naked eye through words. The first is to add a macro picture of the tear-off frame protection film in the previous article and some details.

After tearing open the green protective film, the true nature of the millet TV 2 Champagne Gold is revealed, and it appears to be on the wooden TV cabinet.

MI LOGO details.

This is the detail in the top right corner of the TV. The junction is still tight.

This is the detail in the lower right corner of the TV. The work is equally good.

After completing the above details, they formally entered the highlight of the test – the quality of the screen. The most important thing to buy a TV is to buy a screen. The screen determines the success or failure of a TV directly.

Millet TV 2 uses dynamic backlight adjustment and ambient backlight adjustment and other technologies, but in order to ensure the consistency of the screen shot, I first turn off the two.

Let's take a look at the pure black picture. Under the pure black picture, you can see through the camera that there is a slight light leakage at the upper left and upper right of the screen. However, in fact, in the naked eye, this phenomenon is almost impossible to observe. If it is opened, Dynamic backlight adjustment, it can do a completely black screen. In the video of one session, everyone can also see that this kind of light leakage phenomenon cannot be seen in the camera mode.

The pure white picture is also very good under the camera. It is even better to watch with the naked eye.

Pure red.

Pure green.

Pure blue.

This is an over-gray picture, and the overall overshoot is very natural.

Screen saturation test, each color is very good.

256 gray scale tests, from the photos can also clearly distinguish the separation and differences from 1 to 256.

This is a grayscale test. Different grayscales of different colors can also be displayed well.

After some of the above solid-color and grayscale tests, I also found several popular 4K TV test charts to further test Xiaomi TV 2. The picture in the post is simply compressed in consideration of the speed of the viewer. There is more than 10M in the real shot, and the download link of the original image is attached at the end of the post. If you are interested, you can download it. All the pictures can be zoomed in to see some details.

4K TV resolution test chart, including text, line drawings, resolution tables, and block diagrams. 4K ultra high definition (resolution 3840×2160) and full HD (1920×1080) identification limits are indicated by red and blue arrows, respectively. Among them, the 4K in the various lines can distinguish the 1st in the finest, and the full HD can only recognize the 3rd. Through the playback test of this picture, the difference in resolution between the 4K ultra high definition television and the ordinary full HD television can be easily distinguished, and the 4K television can be fully displayed.

The rich tone levels, especially the light and dark levels, are important signs for displaying image grades. When displaying 4K TV tone levels to restore test patterns, the bright and dark parts of high-end 4K TVs should be able to be displayed in a dim view in the test chart 253. Levels of 8 or so, level distribution maps and sphere diagrams should be able to show levels at all levels, and the transition from black to white is very natural.

4K TV color reproduction and visual angle test chart (Figure 3) the upper left 24 color blocks are selected according to the SHB color system hue angle every 15 degrees a color, saturation and brightness are taken 100%, the more saturated color blocks The wider the display color gamut, if the color of the adjacent color blocks is too close, that is, there is a parallel-order phenomenon, it means that the color reproduction has errors. The closer to the triangle the boundary areas of R, G, B, Y, C, and M in the lower left corner of the color distribution map, also indicate that the color reproduction is more accurate (Figure 4). The nine spheres on the right show the performance of color scales. The light and dark should be uniform and soft.

Finally, there is a landscape test chart. The levels in the sunset are very clear, and there are no details in the village below.

Through the above test, it can be seen that the millet TV 2 has reached a standard of a hard screen high-end 4K screen. Next, we need to test the 4K playback capability of the TV. Before running the survey, we can look at the comparison between the millet TV 2 and the enhanced version of the millet box. The score of Xiaomi TV 2 Ann Bunny is 20548, and the enhanced version of Xiaomi Box is 20433. It can be said that it is quite equal. Let's take a look at the details of each run. In terms of CPU performance, the integer number of the CPU of the Xiaomi TV 2 is 2547 points, the floating point is 3007 points, the CPU integer of the millet box enhanced version is 2795 points, and the floating point is 2049 points. Simply speaking, Integer arithmetic mainly deals with some simple tasks. Floating-point arithmetic can handle complex and detailed tasks. The overall performance of the two CPUs is similar. In RAM (memory) performance, the RAM speed of Xiaomi TV's 2 is much weaker than the enhanced version of Xiaomi's box. In terms of GPU computing, the Xiaomi TV 2 uses a Mali 450 MP4, 4+2 core graphics processor, while the enhanced version of the millet box uses a Mali 450 MP6, 6+2 core graphics processor, so the millet box on top of the GPU The enhanced version also significantly outperformed Xiaomi TV 2. So why is Millet TV 2's overall running performance higher than the enhanced version of the millet box? It's mainly the differences between the Android version. Xiaomi TV 2 is currently an Android 4.3 system, and the box is an Android 4.4.2 system. An Tutu for Android 4.4 The .2 user experience performance score is not high, so it leads to an overall score similar, but in fact, the enhanced version of the performance of the millet box is stronger, and everyone can also see the scores from the scores in the following figure.

Millet TV 2 run points.

Millet TV 2 run points.

Millet box enhanced version running points.

The level of running points is just some quantification on the numbers. I have produced a few videos of the specific playback effects. They are the video of the millet TV 2 directly connected to the hard disk through USB, 4K video, the video of the millet TV 2 through the millet router, the 4K video, and the millet box. The version is directly connected to the hard disk to play 4K video via USB, and the millet box enhanced version plays 4K video through the millet router. Through actual playback, in the case of a direct USB connection to the hard disk, the millet TV 2 and the millet box enhanced version can smoothly play 4K video, the effect is also good, but when playing through the millet router appeared regular Caton, It can be seen that how to optimize in the case of wireless connection is a problem to be solved.

This is a video of one of the beauty and roast ducks.

Millet TV 2 directly connected to the hard disk to play 4K video via USB

Millet TV 2 Play 4K Video Through Millet Router

Millet Box Plus enhances playback of 4K video directly via USB

Millet Box Plus Plays 4K Video Through Millet Router

Actual play screen screen shot.

Actual play screen screen shot.

Actual play screen screen shot.

Actual play screen screen shot.

Actual play screen screen shot.

Actual play screen screen shot.

After these tests, I personally think that the screen of Xiaomi TV 2 has reached a relatively high level at present, regardless of the screen resolution or color reproduction is in place. In terms of playback performance, 1080p HD video is completely at ease. Whether it is a hard disk connection or a routing connection can achieve very good viewing and fluency, I tested several 1080p 3D movies and the effect is also very good. However, the larger Caton that appears when playing 4K video via route has completely affected the normal viewing, and hopes to pay attention to this issue and make the best possible optimization.

Overall, I think Xiaomi TV 2 is worth buying. This screen will be able to meet the needs of the family in the next 3-5 years. As for other hardware, it is entirely possible to keep up with the technology by upgrading the stronger box products in the future. The development, after all, the most important thing to buy a TV is this screen.

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