Huajie Optoelectronics: Quality highlights value, patent enhances quality!

On May 3, 2014, Apple and Samsung launched a war against patents. The court ruled that Samsung infringed on Apple's multiple patents and should compensate Apple for $119.6 million.

Groupon, a US group-buying website, filed a patent lawsuit against IBM alleging that it violated a technology patent that helped merchants solicit customers based on their geographic location at specific times.

Similar events are often performed in today's society. Why are big companies paying so much attention to the maintenance of patents, even paying expensive litigation fees and great energy?

Because patents are one of the most important information resources of an enterprise, its unique economic value even determines the success or failure and success or failure of the company in the market competition.

Quality highlights the value, Huajie has come all the way, with many high-quality, high-performance Led Display products, stand firm in the fierce competition market, establish a high-quality brand image, and this is closely related to Huajie's strong research and development strength . At present, Huajie has a large number of R&D patents, which are born in the market demand, and are serving the vast number of merchants with their unique performance and lean quality, highlighting the extraordinary scientific value.

Huajie's latest patented products

Huajie's patented technology and products are the spiritual portrayal of Huajie people's hard work and innovation. It is the result of Huajie's strong R&D strength! These products have been tested and self-improved through the market, and have been perfectly integrated with market demand. Wide recognition by merchants. Below, Xiaobian takes you to experience the outstanding style of Huajie's latest patented products!

Patent 1: A waterproof display with waterproof effect

Patent 2: An LED display with energy saving function

Patent 3: An LED display with automatic brightness adjustment

Patent 4: A large LED display that facilitates the installation of walls

The patent has improved its quality. For a long time, Huajie has obtained numerous patented technologies, which greatly improved the performance and quality of the products and laid a solid foundation for the deep cultivation and expansion of the brand. Huajie dares to walk in the forefront of the era of innovation, and invests huge manpower and material resources to support the continuous improvement of the company's research and development strength, while constantly improving and improving the production management system and high-quality parts supply system, and comprehensively enhance the performance of Huajie LED display products. It confirms the grand determination of Huajie to become the leading brand in the industry.

Huajie has a lot of high-quality patented products to compete in the LED display market, just like a sharp edge, it is bound to be invincible.

In the future, Huajie will continue to focus on the R&D and innovation of patented LED display technology, continuously improve the quality of Huajie products, and constantly push the brand value to a higher level to provide more high-quality LED display products for customers around the world. With the service, truly realize the grand vision of “doing world quality and creating a global brand”!

Grille LED Display has a particularly obvious advantage, widely used in  high building wall.stadium. shopping center.hotel.flyove ect.

Grille LED Display

After use, colorful, clear picture won the praise of the customer.

The features of the LED Curtain Screen are as follows:

1.The cabinet is light and thin, only 5-9kg per unit, with the structural thickness less than 110mm;

2.Fast self-lock, low wind resistance design, front and back can be installed and maintained;

3.Three-dimensional waterproof, all aluminum and gold shell and high flame retardant material design, efficient heat dissipation, safety and stability.


Grille LED Display

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