How to ensure the sound effect of high-power professional speakers

The difference between the professional speaker and the civilian speaker is on the bass, and the sound produced is very different. The bass of the civilian box is heard, and the bass of the professional box is felt. What is the feeling, he is transmitted to us by the vibration of the air, we feel the air waves, this feeling is very special. Just like at the bottom of the water, we hear a lot of sounds. To feel this bass, the requirements for the cabinet are particularly high.

At high power, to achieve perfect sound, we must focus on solving:

The first is box vibration. Because the vibration of the box will cancel the sound pressure at a certain frequency, causing distortion; the other box structure is not strong, it can emit specific geometric noise, which is like the sound of two wooden boards colliding with each other. Of course, this noise is caused by the wood board and the production process. For example, the wood board is easily deformed/the production process is backward/the wood board is not straight when it is cut into small pieces, but it is jagged, which makes it impossible to be completely uniform during the gluing process. And the noise that appeared later.

The second is the speaker unit resonance. Why use an aluminum basin frame because of the different unit structure? There is nothing special in low power. At high power, due to the effect of sound waves, the surface of the speaker will vibrate somewhat (of course, the ideal speaker design, no vibration should be felt in any part of the speaker under high power). Fixed on the above unit, if the truss of the unit speaker is not strong enough, the bass frame will vibrate at the same time as the panel. At this time, the center position of the voice coil in the magnetic fluid will be destroyed, causing serious distortion and even rubbing. Circle, the last voice coil is blown. Therefore, the professional speaker can not reduce the cost, the real body and the speaker unit must be real material, the quality of the speaker is good.

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