Analysis of the current situation of car navigation system market

Since the legalization of the in-vehicle electronic navigation system in 2004, its market share has maintained steady growth. At present, there are 12 domestic manufacturers that can provide in-vehicle navigation data for host manufacturers and have Grade A qualification for electronic map production. Only seven companies can provide perfect electronic maps: NavInfo, Gaode Software, Kay LiDE , Yi Tu Tong, Ling Tu, Rui Tu Wan Fang, Intercity High Science. The aftermarket of the in-vehicle electronic navigation system accounts for more than 60% of the total market share.

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According to the latest information compiled by the Geshi Automobile Research Institute, the shipment volume of China's car navigation system pre-installation market reached 3.712 million units in 2015, an increase of 47.8% compared with 2014. Among them, the fourth quarter of 2015 grew rapidly, and the VT was new and high. Germany and Yitutong accounted for the top three in the market share of China's pre-installed car navigation electronic maps with 40.2%, 30.1% and 28.3% respectively. In the car navigation and aftermarket, with the "integrated service model of hardware and software data", Kay LiDE has dominated the market with 57% market share. At present, the market structure of the "one super multi-strong" in-vehicle electronic navigation system is formed.

Mobile navigation users "a sudden rise"

There are car navigation, but still use the phone for navigation. Recently, iResearch issued a survey on the use of car navigation in Chinese car owners. According to the survey, the owner of the navigation device is ranked first in terms of the choice of navigation devices. The proportion of the two is 42.4% and 30.6 respectively. %. At the same time, the data shows that the top three in terms of the choice of navigation devices are mobile navigation (including mobile maps and mobile navigation software), car navigation and portable navigation devices, accounting for 42.4%, 30.6% and 11.2% respectively.

Why "abandon" car navigation system

At the just-concluded Gaode navigation new product launch conference, Wei Dong, president of Gaode Automobile Business Department, said: “The main reason for the “discarding” of traditional car navigation is that the lack of networking capabilities and the resulting data are outdated. At the same time, the demand for networking and intelligence is increasing, and the performance of mobile navigation in this respect far exceeds that of traditional offline car navigation."

Indeed, the current car navigation market is facing a dilemma. On the one hand, the universal popularity of mobile Internet has made mobile navigation apps have a seamless connection in road monitoring, map updating, and life support. On the other hand, the hardware design of car navigation is relatively occluded, and the convenience of data interaction is not considered. Meet fast updated map data and costly users.

Car navigation demand is pulling up and converting users to become the primary goal

Compared with car navigation, mobile navigation and maps eliminate the cost of hardware installation steps and data updates, but there is still a big gap in integration with automotive systems, plus equipment comfort and convenience. The lack of sex and other aspects make mobile navigation awkward.

"The smaller screen, the navigation of the mobile phone that makes the user free from the car is not convenient to use in the driving scene, and the mobile navigation requires high data traffic costs, so there is a huge gap in the car navigation market." Wei Dong also said .

It can be seen that the mobile navigation function affects the development of the car navigation system, and the hardware blocked by the car navigation system also restricts the future of intelligent interconnection and intelligent network connection technology.

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