Obama and Merkel "hand in hand" to experience VR

1. Obama and Merkel attend the "In Hand" experience at VR in Hanover

At the Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany, VR (virtual reality technology) once again became the focus. On April 25, in Hanover, Germany, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama experienced virtual reality glasses at the Hannover Industry Fair.

2, Samsung LCD panel market share fell to fifth in the first quarter

Today, IHS, the market research organization, released the LCD panel market shipment information in the first quarter of 2016, in which the Samsung LCD panel market share fell to fifth for the first time. According to IHS data, Samsung showed shipments of 2243 in the first quarter, with a market share of 14.5%, ranking fifth. The top four are LG Display (37.49 million, 24.3%), BOE (26.66 million, 17.3%), AUO (24.44 million, 15.8%), Innolux (229.91 million, 14.8%).

In the LCD panel market in the first quarter, the parcels of South Korean companies’ parcels were 38.8%, which has fallen significantly behind the 47.9% share of companies in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan markets.

3, Millet will hold a press conference on May 10th

Xiaomi Mobile official officially announced that Xiaomi will hold a 2016 Summer New Product Launch Conference at Beijing National Convention Center on May 10th. In the official blog of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, except for the repeated repetitive “Max” sign that Xiaomi Max is really coming, Xiaomi’s nine posters are equally meaningful. These posters cover eight areas of maps, news, photos, novels, comics, games, shopping, and office work, combined with Xiaomi's official “shocking” propaganda.

4. Apple is too overbearing: 2015 profits accounted for 40% of Silicon Valley

According to data collected by the US technology website Silicon Valley, com- pany, among the 150 largest listed technology companies in Silicon Valley in 2015, the profits of Apple Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Apple”) accounted for 40% of the total profits of the 150 companies.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the slowdown in iPhone sales growth affected Apple’s profits, but this did not affect Apple’s dominance in Silicon Valley at least in financial terms.

According to data from SiliconValley.com, the total profit of the 150 largest listed technology companies in Silicon Valley in 2015 was 133 billion US dollars, while Apple's profit was 53.7 billion US dollars, accounting for 40% of them.

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