The lack of practicality of 3D TV has been neglected

The lack of practicality of 3D TV has been neglected 3D TV channels have been broadcasting for a year, but the 3D capabilities of most branded flat-panel TVs have not received enough attention. A store salesperson stated that many customers are not interested in 3D functions when consulting and purchasing, and they pay more attention to the screen size, full HD, energy consumption, appearance design, and input/output ports, etc., and propose to buy 3D TV customers. Very few. The sales staff analyzed that the 3D function has a low degree of attention, and it is not unrelated to its practicality and lack of program sources. It is understood that there is only one 3D channel that can be watched through a digital television network, and there are not many genuine movies that can be played through 3D players. More consumers who have already purchased 3D TVs say that 3D functions are basically idle. In addition, most 3D TVs need to be equipped with special glasses to watch this feature and also cause inconvenience to consumers. Consumers point out that when they buy TV, they only come with a pair of 3D glasses. When they switch to 3D mode while watching TV at home, they cannot share with their families. There are also consumers who said that the only two 3D movie discs in the family have been watched for over ten years, and it is boring.

The need for additional expenses is also a reason to hinder the popularity of 3D TV. First of all, the purchase of 3D TVs is about 20% to 30% higher than that of ordinary TVs of the same size, and the purchase of matching 3D glasses. Secondly, to watch 3D TV channels now, you must also use high-definition set-top boxes, and this device needs at least a few hundred dollars. If you want to watch 3D movie discs, you must buy a 3D Blu-ray DVD player. The current market price of this device is at least around RMB 1,000, and a genuine 3D Blu-ray movie disc is also expensive. Generally, it must be sold at 150 to 300 RMB. Yuan varies. In addition, some manufacturers have also launched some matching peripheral products for 3D TVs, such as 3D video cameras, 3D cameras, etc., but the prices are relatively high, which also raises the threshold for 3D TVs to enter the mass family.

With spiralling energy costs accompanying the constant need to replace bulbs and tubes our 2 ranges of Marine Aquarium Lighting makes perfect sense.A conservative savings in electricity consumption of up to 50% can be achieved over metal halides and 25% onT5 Fluorescents.

Aquarium Led Lighting                                   

2 Manual dimmers  for White, Blue change the intensity of lighting

Simulates the sunset and sunrise

55pcs 3w leds offer lighting to tank effectively

Adjustable kits, detachable cords

Philizon Lighting is dedicated to provide high quality and durable lighting product for customer with very competitive price.Our products mainly foucs on Led Grow Lights and Led Aquarium Light .The equipment and materials to produce Hydroponics Led Grow Light and marine Aquarium Led Light fixture imported from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Unites States, such as automatic SMT machine, reflowsoldering machine,all kinds of electric test equipment, large integrating sphere and such sorts of productionand R&D equipment.

Item Display

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Key Features

1.The lifespan is over 50000 hours,low maintenance costs.

2.Energy conservation,saving over 80% energy than the traditional HPS.

3.High light efficiency,90% of the light will be absorbed by the aquatic plants,while just 8%-10% to the HPS.

4.Build-in cooling system,could solve the heat dissipation excellently.

5.Built-in power supply, CE approved, No setup required, just simpler and safer plugs directly into AC85V-264V, no reflector & ballast needed.

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Package Include

1 X LED Aquarium Light

1 X Free Hanging Kit

1X Free Power Cord

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Marine Aquarium Lighting

All the lamps have passed strict quality examination and are packed carefully before shipping.In order that our customers get high quality lamps,we attach importance to every details.

Marine Aquarium Lighting


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Marine Aquarium Lighting

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Marine Aquarium Lighting

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