Analysis of how LED companies look for breakthrough breakthroughs in 2013

At present, the domestic LED industry has experienced the rapid development of the industry in the past few years, ushered in the industry's "cold winter" period, how to break out in the "shopping" market dilemma, and long-term development is the focus of every enterprise. Wu Zhengyu, general manager of Guangdong Boaosi Enterprise Design Co., Ltd. proposed the following core points in the breakout:

He first used a word to evaluate the semiconductor lighting industry in 2012 - "turn": that is, whether traditional lighting companies can smoothly transform to LED and the bloody transformation of emerging LED companies, whether to find a breakthrough has become an important factor in opening a new chapter. When people are on the way, they often contain a lot of business opportunities. How do they break through? He proposed his own solution: Breakout 2013=Channel × (Product + Innovation).

First of all, the focus of breakout is the channel. At present, many traditional lighting companies have the ability to control the original channels when the LEDs come. Because when the company can't show its attitude and competitiveness to LED, the original channel will consider what choices to make. He proposed that the core of the channel is mobilization, and how much ability of the company to mobilize channels to follow you is the key to testing the competition of lighting companies in 2013.

Wu Zhengxuan said that the domestic channels are really fundamentally aware of the importance of LEDs and realize that the LED era has arrived, and the number of dealers that have been launched in their own strategies, organizations, capabilities, and actions is still relatively small. It is passive and is driven by demand. Therefore, the mobilization ability and self-mobilization ability of the channel become the key to channel construction next year.

Second, the core of the breakout is the product. The LED industry has ushered in the stage of product competition after experiencing the rise of the industry in previous years. At this stage, the entire industry will establish a representative brand of each category to define a certain category through product competition. He said that it can be seen that the theme of competition in the entire industry market in 2013 was based on product competition, and each product product will gradually clear out the representative brands of various categories in the contest of different enterprises.

Wu Zhengxuan said that for LED companies, in the future of 2013 and 2014, the single product is likely to become a very important strategic choice. Because it is in the unstable period of the development of the whole industry, the single product will make each enterprise more distinctive, and the channel can be quickly identified.

Again, it is innovation. With the advent of the LED era, the competition and intensity of the entire lighting industry are very different from those of the past. The obvious feature is the competition of the whole industry chain. He pointed out that at the dawn of the LED tide, it is impossible for a company to master all the links, and it must be effective alliance, cooperation and even mergers and acquisitions with the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. This is a very obvious trend. On the one hand, this can achieve the lowest total cost, on the other hand, it can also improve the reaction speed through cooperation.

In particular, he pointed out that only in the case of strong competitiveness in the Red Sea, it is possible to support enterprises to find a world of differentiated competition in the future blue ocean. From the beginning, avoiding the competition in the Red Sea is actually the marginalization and exile of the self.

He finally said that in the LED era, how to grasp the heart of the channel, the user's heart, and do not need physical price wars, how to judge the situation in the big era of LED arrival is what every enterprise needs to think about.


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