2013 China LED lighting market brand pipeline construction analysis

According to statistics, in 2012, many mainland LED companies have worked hard on brand pipelines, and the basic market framework has also been built. These companies may continue to exert their efforts in brand pipeline construction in 2013, but the effect cannot be achieved at once. status.

How to capture the increasingly open LED general lighting market has become the top priority for many LED companies. In 2013, China's LED lighting market brand pipeline construction may have the following conditions:

First, the lack of a complete product line. The complete product range is the basis for brand pipeline construction, involving product categories and items. Without a complete product line, dealers don't have the courage to work together to integrate the products of major manufacturers to run an area; even if they are not specialty stores, dealers will not choose a certain part of the product agent. The market changes are difficult to predict. There is no way to predict what products are selling well in the market; now many companies have incomplete product lines, some companies have leading products, and other supporting products are looking for low-priced and inferior products. In addition, some companies implement multi-brands. At the same time, it is easy to cause overlapping products in a limited product category. If there are different distributors in different brands in the same region, it will appear in different dealers of different brands of the same company. The same product is a different price to grab the market.

Second, there are few operational brand systems. Before the pipeline construction, in addition to a complete product line, there is at least one brand system that can be promoted in the market to establish trust in the market. Although many LED companies in mainland China have started to invest in brand pipelines in 2012, LED lighting brands with complete brand systems have not yet appeared. Many manufacturers' dealer contracts are even changed in three days, not to mention the relevant policy support of enterprises. In addition, the LED industry has a low starting point, and many small companies have begun to do brand communication, but the brand system is by no means a book. The brand system covers a wide range, including business strategy, business strategy, VI, IS and so on.

Third, LED lighting companies will be more difficult to dig dealers from traditional lighting companies. Earlier, LED companies began to do pipelines. The dealers they found were mostly dug up from traditional lighting. As traditional lighting companies began to switch to LED lighting, LED companies wanted to dig dealers from traditional lighting companies. Not so easy. In the face of market competition, LED companies and traditional lighting companies each have their own advantages, so in 2013 China market may have more mergers and acquisitions similar to Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting.

Fourth, there are more low-priced products, but the quality has become the target of public criticism.

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