Canada implements recall of Chinese-made wall-mounted decorative lighting fixtures

On January 9, 2013, Health Canada and Pier1Imports, Inc. jointly announced a voluntary recall of indoor/outdoor wall-mounted decorative lighting fixtures in China. The reason is that the lamp is prone to overheating, which may cause the fire of the bulb base plastic to be melted.

The recalled indoor/outdoor wall-mounted decorative lighting device has a shape of a dome, and 40 mini lamps are intertwined to form a wing. The model number is 32219, the SKU code is 2594619, and the red CSA is marked on the power line. The number of recalled goods was about 134 baht. It is understood that the lighting device was sold in Canada from February to October 2012. As of now, Pier1Imports, Inc. has received four reports of accidents in which the bulb base has melted due to overheating in Canada, and no one has been injured. Health Canada has not received any incident reports.

In response, Health Canada advises consumers to immediately stop using the recalled lighting fixtures and contact the Pier1Imports store for a return and full refund.

Flex-Rigid PCB Assembly = Flex-Rigid Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which means the PCB Board is Flex-Rigid PCB . For rigid-flex PCB , normally, the flex area is just taken as flex cables to connect the rigid PCB areas and only rigid area be mounted with electronic components. Zhongfeng would manufacture the PCB boards follow the design file, source the components follow the BOM file and do the PCB Assembly job follow the assembly drawing and the pick&place file. After PCB assembly done, the components would be mounted on the PCB boards tightly and connected each other through the copper circuits. We call such board as PCBA board or flex-rigid PCBA board.


Depends on the components assembly types, it have THT PCB assembly, SMT PCB Assembly , one sided SMT and THT PCB assembly, two sided SMT and THT PCB assembly.


Depends on the PCB type, it have Rigid PCB Assembly, Flex PCB Assembly and Flex-rigid PCB assembly.


Also we would call some PCB assembly types as Prototype PCB Assembly, Mass PCB Assembly , Turnkey PCB Assembly, LED PCB Assembly and BGA PCB Assembly , etc.


With our 15years professional experience, we are available for all types of PCB assembly service from prototype to mass production, available for 01005, 0201, 0.3mm BGA, 0.3mm QFP.

PCB Assembly Capabilities


1 pcs - 1,000,000 pcs

Assembly type

SMT, THT or Hybrid

Parts procurement

Full turnkey (ZhongFeng provide all components)

Partial turnkey ( Customer provide the main components and ZhongFeng provide the rest)

Kitted (Customer provide all components)

Component types

SMT 01005, 0201, BGA 0.3mm pitch, QFP 0.3mm pitch, etc.


Visual Inspection, AOI, Custom testing, ICT, FCT, Test jig

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