Infant appliances or welcome development

Infant appliances or welcome development Recently, the state initiated the implementation of a "separate second child" policy, and the mother-infant appliance market may be affected by this, ushering in a new upsurge of development. At the same time, affected by this, children's home appliances may also usher in a new opportunity, and renew their efforts.

When the reporter interviewed a reporter in a regional electric market, a salesperson introduced to reporters that nowadays more common household appliances for infants include body temperature detectors, egg steamers, warm milk devices, infant electric hair clippers, and other products. The price is several tens. Yuan to two or three hundred dollars. According to her, although infants and young children are favored by more and more consumers, there are not many types of products sold, and brands are mixed. And many so-called infant and young children appliances are actually only a miniature version of home appliances, "difficult to meet consumer demand."

It is understood that since 2008, China's baby home appliance market has increased at a rate of 200% every year. However, the reality is that the maternal and child household appliances market is mixed and the overall quality is low. There is no leading enterprise at present, and the products cannot really meet the needs of consumers. The high-end market has always been dominated by foreign brands.

According to relevant forecast data, in the next five years, the release of the "separate second child" policy is expected to add nearly 10 million newborns. The compensatory birth peak will superimpose the consumption of infants and children to upgrade, and promote the accelerated development of infant industry, and maternal and infant household appliances. As one of them, it will also usher in a new market. It is expected that the total domestic sales of mother-to-child household appliances in 2014 will exceed 8 billion yuan. Some home appliance giants have already seen the huge business opportunities, and many well-known brands have competed for this "blue sea." Among them, Haier began to force infants and young children appliance market. "With the innovation of technology and the improvement of classification, there will be new initiatives and developments in infant and young children's appliances," said industry experts.

The primary principle for young parents to choose their mother and baby appliances is health and safety. In response, Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said earlier that at present, there are no uniform production standards and related regulatory documents or regulations for maternal and infant small appliances in China, and many quality cannot be guaranteed. “Children are everything for parents, and hope that related industry standards, policies and regulations can be introduced as soon as possible to protect the healthy development of infants and young children.” Mr. Li, who is buying electric haircuts for infants and young children in a large appliance market, frankly stated.

Some industry insiders also stated that mother-infant household appliances are currently at the initial stage in China and there is still lack of industry supervision. Therefore, consumers must look for brand and quality protection before buying, and do not buy blindly.

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