Huawei Distribution Automation Solution

< p> With the advent of the smart grid era, as the final link directly affecting the quality and reliability of power supply, the automation and intelligent construction of distribution networks is increasingly valued by power companies. Huawei's distribution automation solution utilizes advanced ICT technologies such as xPON and LTE to provide new ideas for the development of distribution automation in the era of smart grid.

Business challenge

The distribution network has a wide coverage and complex topology, which is the key link of power distribution and power demand feedback. Its power supply reliability and power supply quality are directly related to the development of economic activities and the normal life of residents. Currently, the following challenges are common in the development of distribution automation:

Equipment and line aging, power grid distribution is unreasonable, resulting in large power transmission loss, low power supply quality; low degree of distribution automation, weak self-healing ability, affecting the production and daily life of power companies; distribution automation terminal coverage, scene Complex, the reliability and time delay of the communication network are high; the operation status of the distribution network equipment cannot be monitored, the manual positioning is difficult, and the management and operation and maintenance are difficult;

Strengthening the construction of distribution automation, improving the reliability of power supply, improving the distribution line loss, improving the power supply capacity, improving the management level and reducing the operating cost are the ultimate goals of power distribution operation management. Huawei's distribution automation solution effectively boosts the automation level of distribution network.

Program description

Distribution automation solution diagram

Figure 1. Schematic diagram of the distribution automation solution

Huawei's distribution automation solution is divided into three parts according to the vertical dimension: power terminal layer, communication layer and master station system layer.

Power terminal layer: Huawei's main distribution automation equipment manufacturer provides DTU/TTU/FTU equipment for customers and provides video surveillance solutions covering various scenarios.

Communication layer: Huawei provides wired/wireless communication private network and public network solutions for various scenarios and various customer needs, including xPON, LTE, industrial Ethernet switches and GPRS/3G communication modules.

Main station system layer: Provides power company with integrated power distribution automation master station system ICT solution, including server, storage, router, switch and security equipment, load distribution SCADA, feeder automation, distribution network scheduling management, geographic information system, etc. Distribution network automation business system.

xPON-based distribution automation communication private network solution

In urban areas with fiber resources such as CBD and high-tech zones, Huawei recommends the use of xPON-based power distribution automation communication network solution, as shown in the following figure:

Network diagram of xPON distribution automation communication private network solution

Figure 2. Network diagram for xPON distribution automation communication private network solution

The xPON-based distribution automation communication private network solution consists of the following components:

OLT (OpTIcal Line Terminal): The optical line terminal is responsible for the access aggregation function of the ONU and is deployed at the variable electronic station; the uplink can be connected to the existing transmission network of the current power communication network.

ODN (OpTIcal DistribuTIon Network): The ODN device is applied to the access communication layer and is a communication optical link between the OLT and the ONU.

ONU (OpTIcal Network Unit): An optical network unit deployed in an open/close office, ring network cabinet, or on-column switch. It is responsible for collecting monitoring data such as FTU/RTU/TTU. The ONU uplink provides two EPON ports, and a port can quickly switch to the standby port after a fault. Huawei's industry's first natural cooling ONU device SmartAX MA5621 for power private network can be used for remote information collection and transmission of power systems, and can also meet the construction needs of video surveillance.

U2000 (Network Management System): It has powerful network element layer and network layer management functions, and supports various effective management and maintenance methods such as free soft tuning, remote acceptance, remote upgrade patching, and remote fault location.

The xPON distribution automation communication private network has the following characteristics:

Supports active/standby switching and independent dual uplink, and highly reliable support of distribution automation services in important load areas;

Support anti-eavesdropping, anti-MAC spoofing and other security features to fully guarantee the security of distribution automation business;

The communication bandwidth can reach up to 2.5Gbps, and the transmission distance can reach 20km, which enhances the carrying capacity of the entire distribution automation to the service.

LTE-based distribution automation communication private network solution

In mature urban areas that do not have fiber resources, fiber cabling is difficult, and construction difficulty and cost are high, Huawei recommends the LTE-based distribution automation communication private network solution, as shown in the following figure:

LTE distribution automation communication private network solution network diagram

Figure 3. Network diagram for LTE distribution automation communication private network solution

The LTE-based distribution automation communication private network solution mainly consists of the following parts:

Compact core network: It is the core network equipment of the LTE system. It is mainly responsible for the mobility management of the control plane, including user context and mobility state management, assigning user temporary identity, and authentication management. The compact core network can be deployed in a power supply company, and supports multiple network elements such as SGSN&MME, GGSN&S/P-GW, CG, DNS, HLR & HSS, and PCRF to be integrated into one cabinet to improve the integration of core network equipment and reduce the space occupied by the equipment room.

Distributed base station eNodeB (RRU+BBU): Responsible for the transmission and reception of wireless signals, enabling communication between the optical fiber transmission network and the CPE. Distributed base stations can be located in the power supply bureau or substation location. The power supply bureau and substation are power company properties, which can guarantee the transmission and power supply.

Wireless communication terminal CPE: Connects to DTU/TTU/FTU through FE or serial port. CPE is mainly deployed near the opening and closing station and ring network cabinet.

M2000 (Network Management System): With a unified network management platform, it can shield different network differences, keep up with the pace of network evolution, and have future network management capabilities.

The LTE distribution automation communication private network has the following characteristics:

The establishment of a wireless private network in the old city, no need for fiber laying, later expansion, direct installation of CPE and updated data, Yi Jian Yi Wei easy to expand;

The QoS dynamic bandwidth allocation mechanism meets different priority requirements of multiple services in the power industry, and bandwidth allocation can be performed according to priorities, thereby ensuring effective execution of key services (such as relay protection, remote control);

Two-way authentication, UTRAN encryption, signaling integrity protection and other measures ensure the security and reliability of the communication network;

The flat IP network architecture has fewer network element nodes and low latency.

Business value

Huawei's distribution automation solution helps power companies build reliable, secure, and efficient ICT bearer platforms for distribution automation services:

Improve distribution automation, intelligence, reduce the number of power outages and failure recovery time; flexible multi-scenario networking: provide various networking solutions such as xPON, LTE, and industrial switches to meet different scenarios. High bandwidth and low latency, meeting the needs of a variety of distribution automation services, ensuring the traditional "three remote" services, while meeting the large bandwidth requirements of video surveillance and other services. Unified network management visual operation and maintenance to achieve fast and accurate positioning of faulty equipment. The one-stop solution of the main station system hardware platform ensures reliable and safe operation of the main station software such as power distribution SCADA.

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