Is the graphene smartphone coming? Samsung and Seoul National University develop mass production technology

Graphene smartphones are coming soon? South Korean media Maeil Business Newspaper reported that Samsung Techwin's R&D department, Seoul NaTIonal University professor of chemistry, Hong Byung-hee, and his researcher announced on the 10th that they have successfully developed the use of large-scale graphene film (graphene film) The touch screen is manufactured and installed on Samsung Electronics' "Galaxy" smartphone.

The latest research shows that smartphones with built-in graphene materials do have the possibility of mass production, and also give graphene the opportunity to be used in flexible panels and semiconductors.

According to reports, the above graphene film is made by "Rapid Thermal CVD" technology, which can reduce the time for producing graphene from 300 minutes to 40 minutes, and can produce 400 x 300 at low temperature. Square centimeters of high quality graphene.

After the researchers fabricated the graphene film by rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition, they attached it to the touch screen of the Galaxy smartphone.

Graphene is a new material composed of carbon, which is 100 times faster than tantalum and twice as hard as diamond. This material can be applied to components such as touch panels and OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes), but end products have not yet been developed.

According to Yonhap, the South Korean Ministry of Industry and Energy (Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Energy) listed the six major groups as pioneers in the development of graphene products on May 21, 2013, and plans to In the next six years, it will invest 47 billion Korean won (US$42.2 million) to help companies commercialize graphene applications and related technologies. The above six consortiums are composed of 45 companies and research institutes, aiming to develop graphene products researched by local Korean companies.

The Ministry of Education and Technology (Ministry of EducaTIon, Science and Technology) announced on January 24 last year that the research team of Sungkyunkwan University professors Lee Hyo-young and Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed. The latest flexible transparent electrodes, which use transparent and flexible silver nanowires and graphene oxide nanosheets that prevent silver oxidation, are expected to develop performance in the future. Excellent, less expensive display panel. Transparent electrodes are important components of OLEDs.

Samsung Electronics Co. also announced on May 18, 2012 that it has developed a graphene device "barristor" that can help reform field effect transistors (FETs) for computer computing. The speed is 100 times faster. This breakthrough development has been published in Science Magazine and has nine patents.

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