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Compressor Introduction

Compressors are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. The capacity of electric motors is generally large, and most of them are continuously operated all year round. Therefore, there is great potential for saving electricity. Common compressors are used in the following different situations:

Compressor motor Guangdong Ke Electric

Compressor motor Guangdong Ke Electric

1, air compressor - to provide air power to the relevant equipment;

2, Refrigerated compressors - used for freezing, refrigeration, ice making, preservation, etc.

3, air-conditioning compressors - refrigeration, chilled water, etc.;

4, gas compressors - manufacturing oxygen, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.;

5, dedicated compressors - such as gas, acetylene gas and so on.

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System Features

The protection function is complete, the motor is soft start, the starting current is relatively small, and the motor life is extended.

The number of times the air compressor is added to the load is reduced, thereby reducing the impact of the motor on the mechanical part of the powder press and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Maintain constant pressure and improve product quality.

Compressor motor Guangdong Ke Electric

First: setting motor parameters

Compressor motor Guangdong Ke Electric

Set F10.19 to 1 and press the RUN key to perform static learning.

Second: Setting Application Parameters

Compressor motor Guangdong Ke Electric

Remarks: If the above parameters are set incorrectly, set F41.00 to 1 or 2 to restore the factory settings and reset the parameters

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