4K Japan original screen + ultimate cost-effective sharp 45-inch smart TV evaluation

For many students in the 80's and 90's, I believe that I rarely touch TV with the author. The author still remembers that when I was young, only people with money would buy a 24-inch color TV. People are rich people. As with modern people buying mechanical watch brand bags, it was more important to purchase an expensive 24-inch color TV at the time to demonstrate your identity and social status. After many years of television, entertainment demand has been reduced so much that it gradually evolved into a home to display its own style of decoration, into the Internet era today, smart TV and color TV industry ushered in the second spring, young people's living room entertainment needs Once again awakened, so I have the urge to change television.

Pick and choose, in the end I chose the 45-inch version of Sharp Qing series (hereinafter referred to as Sharp 45), some people may ask, millet, LeTV's cheaper screen size, why choose this?

First of all, you have to know that although TVs like Xiaomi and LeTV seem to be very cost-effective, the price of the 48-inch version is around 2,000 yuan. However, I think TV is not only about cost-effectiveness, but whether the screen look and sound quality is outstanding will directly affect The ultimate experience, after all, in my opinion, a product must talk about product quality and experience in order to talk about price performance, and I chose Sharp Qing 45, one of the biggest reasons is that its screen is imported from Japan. The original Sharp screen, which has no foreign factors, Sharp screen imported from Japan has always been recognized as one of the best in the industry, and in terms of price, as it happens to be during the Double 11 shopping festival, Sharp Qing 45's price is from the original 2999 discounted to 2399 yuan also gifted 399 original 12-month Youku Diamond member, I admit that the lower price after discount to a certain extent let me choose it.

One of the reasons why I chose Sharp 46 is its screen. From the point of view of parameters, Sharp Qing 45 has the same resolution as the 1080P FHD level, but its real advantage is that the LCD panel adopts the Japanese original Sharp screen, NTSC color With 72% domain, 240nits maximum brightness, and W-LED side backlight, this screen is from Sharp's 10th-generation full-automatic production line, adding Sharp's original image quality adjustment technology, light transmission technology, and wide color. Domain technology, etc. Balla Balla technology, in short, after I experienced this screen with my eyes, it did not disappoint me. Both the perception and the color performance are not comparable to those of LeTV's TV products.

I bought this TV in my bedroom. Personally, I feel that 45 inches is right. I usually don't think the screen is too big or too small when I go home from work and sit in bed and play Xbox.

The only concern I had when I bought it was that as a traditional home appliance manufacturer, Sharp could meet the requirements of the UI experience and the quality of the number of sources on the smart TV. After all, most traditional TV manufacturers such as Hisense, TCL, and Lenovo launched smart TVs. Products, but in the actual experience, these products have always had a big gap with the Internet TV brands in terms of UI experience and content resources.

Sharp's approach I think is both smart and reasonable, Sharp Qing 45 built Alibaba Cloud YunOS for TV6.0 operating system, the content side reintegrates Youku, Tudou, Huada and other large video content providers, including more than 30,000 Hours of hit series, more than 9800 hours of movie theaters, more than 5,800 hours of children's content, simply speaking, Sharp has solved its own shortcomings in the software platform through cooperation, and from the perspective of my actual use to solve Very good.

Finally talk about the industrial design of this TV. After all, whether a television industrial design is good or not directly affects the taste of the host's taste style (whether it can install X) when the next door to Lao Wang comes to the door. Note that I am not a respected person. Fake people, but the fact is that the "SHARP" label is enough to kill a crowd of domestic goods in the forced grid. In addition, Sharp Qing 45 in industrial design still has many praiseable highlights, such as 9.9mm ultra-thin panel thickness , I also specifically come up with the iPhone 6s to more intuitively reflect its slimness, and thinner panels will increase the machine's delicacy.

The remote control has also been redesigned. Perhaps Sharp, which was acquired by Foxconn, pays more attention to the user experience. Don't look at the remote control buttons so many, but they are highly integrated with all the daily functions and operations at night. After the lamp does not need to use the eyes to see whether there is any wrong, relying on the sense of touch can be very easy to use this remote control.

The back of the fuselage is also equipped with a wealth of interfaces to meet the external needs of different device platforms, I will not speak here, of course, I feel very easy to use the built-in Bluetooth function, it can be turned into a computer under certain circumstances The second screen, such as when you want to watch some “undescriptive” video content on your TV, is really convenient.

In general, this Sharp 45 Smart TV integrates the advantages of 100-year-old Sharp in LCD panel and display technology, and cooperates with a video resource platform such as Ali, Youku, Tudou, and Hua Digital TV on the software platform. Perfect make up for their own shortcomings in this regard, whether it is from the hardware configuration or system resources, it does not lose any of the same price within the product, and now double 11 has such a large price cuts, the original price of 2999 Sharp clear 45 double 11 price only 2399, the price is cost-effective.

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