China Petrochemical Corporation Qilu Branch Qilu Branch Victory Refinery Production and Maintenance 2# Torch Burner Torch Burner Tender Notice

The tender number: WZ20161205-4815-1758-B1
Tender code: CBL_20161116_188911177
Opening time: 2016-12-15
Bulletin category: Domestic tender

Tenderee: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Qilu Branch Source of Funds: Other investment amount: 1.5 million yuan entrusted by Qilu Branch of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, 1 unit of the 2# torch burner for the production and repair of the Shengli refinery The required torch burners are open tendered. This announcement is issued today. Qualified bidders are invited to register.
1. The tender number: WZ20161205-4815-1758-B1
2. Project Content: Qilu Branch Shengli Refinery Production and Maintenance 2# Torch Burner 1 Project Overview: The project has passed the approval and the funds have been implemented.
3. Name and quantity of tender materials:




unit of measurement



Torch burner 1100×2230/400×500 310S+304



Package 1 - Torch Burner 1100×2230/400×500 310S+304

4. Delivery date and place: February 28, 2017, designated project site
5. Bidder's basic qualification requirements:
5.1 Have the right to independently conclude the contract and the ability to perform the contract, obtain a business license in accordance with the law, business license is in its valid period, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate is complete legal person or other organization with complete three certificates.
5.2. For VAT general taxpayers, there were no illegal records in other procurement activities attended in the past three years.
5.3 With the required material supply capacity and quality control measures, no significant quality problems have occurred during the use of the products provided in the past three years.
5.4 has a good business reputation, a sound financial accounting system, financial status and market behavior is good. It is not under the authority of the competent authority to revoke the business license, revoke the qualifications, suspend business for rectification, cancel the qualifications for the bid, and the property is taken over, frozen, or enter bankruptcy procedures.
5.5 There is no state in which Sinopec Corp. has been disqualified from trading due to breach of contract, integrity, etc.
6. Other qualification requirements: 1. The supplier must have successful examples of the use of various types of elevated flare burners in domestic large-scale petrochemical enterprises. The number of performance in the past 10 years shall not be less than 10 sets (10 million tons of which are not less than 3 sets of refining oil ), The product is put into use for not less than 5 years, and provide proof of the signing of the contract, proof of contact and telephone, to provide the signed technical agreement or operational status certificate associated with the signing of the contract, contacts and telephone. 2. The supplier shall have the ability to coordinate and direct the construction of high-altitude operations and provide relevant qualifications such as the installation of overhead flares or the maintenance, maintenance and transportation within the large-scale petrochemical industry (more than 10 million tons of oil refining). 3. The registered capital of the supplier is not less than 20 million yuan. 4. The supplier must provide all the following information in the bidding technical documents: 1. Detailed specifications of the components of the torch burner, detailed technical specifications and functional descriptions of all relevant instruments and electrical components shall be attached. Unavailable samples are used instead of instructions. 2. The assembly drawing with the burner assembly, including the assembly drawing of the torch head and its ancillary equipment, and the assembly of the ground equipment. Drawing specifications are No. 1 or No. 2 drawings. 5. Torch heads shall be plum nozzle torch heads, and three smoke-removing vapors at the bottom to eject steam, central steam, and top ring steam. 6. Torch head, including the bundled attached long light, high-altitude igniter, detonation tube, thermocouple and ion flame detector sheath, the upper 3 meters of all parts of the material are 310SS, special parts of the higher material See "Technical Requirements". 7. Using thermocouple, ion flame detector two flame height measurement directly. Both flame detection devices are required to provide proof of performance; if there is no performance, other technical data that demonstrate production capacity and flame detector life are required. 8. The igniter shall be equipped and installed in accordance with the "Technical Requirements". 9. The supplier must have the relevant product drone aircraft investigation means. Engineering services such as pre- and post-sale drones must implement the "Technical Requirements". 10. The materials specified in the "Technical Requirements" shall be provided to prove that the supplier has the ability to guide operations at a high altitude. 11. Easy-damage aerial instrumentation is individually packaged, and the longest part must not exceed 3 meters. .
7. Comply with other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
8. Detailed requirements are detailed in the bidding documents.
9. This tender accepts applications from manufacturers (manufacturers), does not accept the agency's bids, and does not accept bidders' bids.
10. The tender does not accept the consortium bid.
11. Evaluation method: Comprehensive evaluation method.
12. The cost of the bidding documents: The cost of the bidding documents is 1000.00 yuan, which is purchased online and the tender documents are not refundable after sale.
13. Bidding documents Sale time: From 8:00 pm on November 17, 2016 to 17:00 on November 24, 2016 (Beijing time, the same below).
14. Bidding Document Sales Method: The bidding documents are taken online and online. (.)

16. Deadline for submission of bids: At 09:30 on December 15, 2016.
17. Opening time: 09:30 on December 15, 2016.

Contact: Zhang Jie





In order to ensure that you can bid smoothly, please consult the bidding agency or the tenderer for detailed requirements for bidding before bidding or purchasing the bidding documents. The specific requirements and project conditions shall be interpreted by the bidding agency or the tenderee.

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