What are the basic functions of the Apple iPad Mini?

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It is reported that Apple will launch a small-size touch-screen tablet at the end of this year, and the iPadMini will be cheaper and smaller. Analysts say iPadMini will have a major impact on the market in the next few years, with prices ranging from $250 to $300.


Here are the basic features of the iPadMini:


The iPad is equipped with Safari browser. The large touch screen can be used for surfing. The entire page can be displayed at one time. You can turn pages and scroll through the finger on the screen. You can also zoom in and out on the photo to support web page thumbnails and experience more. Intuitive.


Mail can be operated by touch, which is unprecedented in its way and supports major mainstream mail providers, including MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL. In fact, it is more convenient and convenient for the iPad to send and receive mail. Whether the screen is in the flat or vertical mode, the mail can automatically rotate and spread the full screen. Through the virtual keyboard on the screen, you can view and reply to the mail. If someone gives you an image in the email, you can save the image directly to the built-in Photo program.


Sharp and stunning screens, plus unique software features, the iPad allows you to experience images in an extraordinary way. With a light touch, the photos in the Photo Gallery can be presented one by one, and the image can be zoomed in or out and viewed with a finger. The iPad can also be used as a digital photo frame when connected to the dock or when charging. The way to load images is also very diverse. The iPad can be downloaded synchronously with the computer, or you can download the pictures on the mail, or download the pictures directly with the camera (requires the camera connection kit).


This is a basic feature of the iPad, and high-resolution screens can be used to watch any video, from HD movies to TV series, or blogs and MTV. You can also easily switch between widescreen and fullscreen, just double tapping. Since there are no buttons or interface designs on the side of the iPad screen, all you can do when you watch the video, fully immersed in the thrill of the big screen.


The Youtube program allows for video management for easy viewing and browsing. Watch with a single click, and the video automatically fills the full screen when viewed in landscape mode. Also supports Youtube HD video.


The large screen and the virtual keyboard on the screen are convenient for the annotation function. In the horizontal operation mode, you can see the page marked, and you can see all the label lists. The current labels are displayed in red coils.


With the built-in iPod program on the iPad, all the music is at your fingertips. You can browse the entire album and view the songs, artists, and song categories separately. The song can be played by tapping and tapping, and the built-in powerful speaker can perfectly display the sound quality. Of course, it can also be listened to via Bluetooth wireless headphones.

iTunes store

By tapping the iTunesStore icon, you can browse and purchase music, TV shows, short films, etc., or rent a movie, all over the air. There are thousands of movies and TV shows on the iTunes store, with millions of songs. Most importantly, you can browse through enough before you buy, and the iPad can also sync iTunes content already on your Mac or PC.


The iPad can run nearly 140,000 apps on the AppStore, from games to business apps. The new program specially developed for the iPad has been specially marked so that you can see it at a glance. All this can be done by clicking the AppStore icon on the iPad interface. After browsing, you can select your favorite program to download.


iBooks is a new program for reading and purchasing e-books, available online for free on the AppStore. Then, you can buy any number you like, and the built-in iBookstore has a variety of classic books and best-selling books. Once purchased, these books can be displayed on your iBookshelf shelf and tapped on one of them to read. The LED-backlit screen and high resolution ensure that the color is sharp and rich, and the reading pleasure can be easily experienced in a dimly lit environment.


The iPad's built-in map software allows you to see the world and streetscapes. You can also search for nearby hotels and hotels and get directions and directions with a tap.


iPad can make your schedule easier, and weekly, monthly or the entire schedule can be easily presented. You can see the overall arrangement for a month, and you can see the details of a particular day. The iPad also supports multiple calendar displays at a time, so you can manage your work and family schedules at the same time.


The contact program makes it easy to find names, numbers, and other important information. The new view mode allows the entire contact list to be presented simultaneously with a single contact. Need a contact location? Just click on the address and click on the map function mentioned above to find him.

Home screen

Various application icons are displayed on the iPad's home screen, and you can go directly to the app with a single click. In addition, the home screen menu can also support customization. You can display your favorite programs or web pages on top of it. You can use your own picture as the background, or arrange the position of each icon.

Spotlight search

This feature can search for various applications on the iPad, including built-in software, mail, contacts, calendar, iPod and other programs, as well as search for downloaded programs, no matter what you are looking for, as long as on the iPad, It's easy to find. The iPad is a multimedia mobile device that integrates a variety of electronic devices. It integrates functions such as laptops, e-books, wired devices, mobile phones, and electronic photo frames.

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