VDSL2 technology supports HD video transmission applications

In recent years, with the rapid development of broadband Internet technology and broadband-related services, broadband users have gradually moved from single applications of broadband Internet access to high definition television (HDTV), video-on-demand, video conferencing ( Videoconferening), high-speed Internet access and other services, as well as VoIP advanced voice services and other comprehensive application development. This puts higher demands on the access bandwidth.

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Similar to ADSL, the VDSL2 standard implements signal transmission on a pair of copper twisted pairs without the need to lay new lines or retrofit existing networks. Such systems can be used in such buildings as buildings, factories, industrial parks, hotels, hospitals or units with monitoring needs, even in building advertising, IPTV, etc., to take advantage of VDSL2. At present, there are still few competitors in this private network market, and the potential for development space is huge.

In foreign countries, high-speed optical fibers are generally laid near the neighborhood streets, and then DSL technology is used to enter the home, which can reduce the cost of the line. In China, high-end residential areas and villas are also quite large. Using VDSL2 technology as the last mile access solution can greatly reduce the cost of broadband access, and can provide customers with Internet access, community Vod on-demand, community video surveillance network. Integrated services. In addition, factories, industrial parks, hospitals that have monitoring needs, and areas where IPTV is developed are all areas where VDSL2 has its strengths.

At present, high-definition video data transmission (such as high-definition video surveillance) often adopts three technical solutions: HPNA, optical fiber, and VDSL2. However, HPNA is not conducive to long-distance transmission, and the fiber has high requirements for environmental adaptability caused by laying, maintenance, and equipment power consumption. Therefore, VDSL2 technology takes into account the advantages of the first two technologies.

Chuangdtech's VDSL2 chip and solution meets the demand for high-definition video data in copper transmission, and has an unparalleled broadband advantage: when using standard telephone line transmission, it can achieve a two-way high-bandwidth transmission rate of 80Mbps/80Mbps within 300m. Up to 1000Mbps, up to 20Mbps/20Mbps. At the same time, long-distance performance similar to ADSL is another key advantage of VDSL2. The Chuangda VDSL2 point-to-point copper transmission solution can support 1M/1M data transmission in the range of 4~5km.

At present, the fiber-to-building project in large cities has basically solved the bottleneck problem of broadband. Therefore, the last mile solution came into being. Since the building includes Internet access from a number of independent units, monitoring network control, access control system control and building advertising system laying, traditional Ethernet access can meet Internet access requirements, but monitoring systems, access control systems and buildings The image information that the advertising system needs to transmit, etc., results in a huge amount of data transmission, so the requirements for broadband are relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to assume an independent network for data interaction and control, and the repeated construction is serious.

If VDSL2 technology is used for integrated wiring, the wiring of the monitoring system, access control system and building advertising system can be integrated into the Internet, and the control functions of all intelligent control devices, including surveillance video transmission, access control and building advertising. The remote downloading can realize broadband access by using a single telephone line, and can be realized only by upgrading the original telephone line, which can greatly save the cost.

VDSL2 technology has been put into commercial use by the end of 2009. At present, the VDSL2 intelligent cabling solution has been successfully deployed in intelligent buildings, buildings, hotels, resorts and other cities in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai. With the continuous improvement of users, services and bandwidth requirements, VDSL2 has become an important development direction of DSL technology with its characteristics of high bandwidth, backward compatibility and flexible application, and will become the mainstream broadband access technology in the next few years.

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