Appliance manufacturers are difficult to get disqualified

The Ministry of Finance recently announced the list of the first batch of subsidies for waste electrical and electronic products processing funds. Among the 43 enterprises, only Changhong and TCL, which are subsidized by home appliance manufacturers, have obtained subsidies. A related person in charge of Changhong, a subsidiary of Changhong, received an interview with China National Grid yesterday (26th). It used "slightly meager profits" to measure the economic benefits of the recycling industry for discarded household appliances. The source said that after receiving the fund subsidy, For processing companies, it will reduce the cost pressure on equipment and technology investment.

According to the source, long before the State researched and launched the recycling policy for waste electrical and electronic equipment, Changhong Gelon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changhong, has established two R&D and production bases in Jintang and Mianyang, with a total dismantling capacity of approximately 2 million units. It is the largest waste household appliance dismantling and recycling center in Southwest China. By the end of this year, Changhong will build seven waste electronic and electrical recycling production lines for the disposal of used TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, waste plastics, circuit boards, etc., and will expand the recycling and recycling of comprehensive waste and used products such as automobiles and mobile phones in the future. .

Although Changhong Gerun stated that its application for processing business qualifications is very smooth, there is no resistance in the qualification application process, and that in order to do a good job of circular economy, the state has introduced many policies from macroeconomic policies and encourages enterprises to engage in circular economy, and also assigns Expert guidance. However, the State Grid has learned from other home appliance manufacturers that have applied for processing enterprise qualifications that qualifications are strictly controlled by environmental protection agencies around the country, and most of the waste processing enterprises that have obtained qualifications belong to the supply and marketing cooperatives' waste product utilization enterprise system. According to some home appliance manufacturers, it takes tens of millions of capital to build a waste home appliance dismantling plant, which is easy for them to do.

Changhong Gerun said the above-mentioned sources said that currently the country’s waste and household appliances will generate about 35 million units each year, with an annual growth rate of about 8%. However, in the recycling of used household appliances, there are many small business hawkers, and these small vendors often have higher prices. The price recovery of used appliances after refurbishment or component reuse, assembly, etc. has become second-hand appliances once again flow into the market, second-hand appliances not only have great safety risks, but also cause serious pollution to the environment. However, home appliance companies can use their extensive channel system to recycle waste home appliances. For home appliance manufacturers, recycling is more advantageous.

From May 21st to May 25th this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Finance together with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and relevant industry associations formed a verification team, and 56 companies in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China have been qualified for disposal of waste electrical and electronic products. The certificated company launched the qualification verification. The China State Grid learned from the authoritative sources that in this inspection, some processing companies have obtained qualification certificates, but the dismantling equipment and technology are not mature, and even the processing site is not sound. The processing companies do not even have the ability to dispose of waste.

Changhong Gerun said the person in charge said that the equipment and technology used in the disposal of waste electrical and electronic products are very important, involving harmless treatment, deep extraction, etc., in particular, the extraction of rare and precious metals is highly technical. According to its introduction, at present, Changhong Gerun has independently developed 11 sets of harmless equipment, 18 invention patents, and 5 national authorizations. These technologies include not only the dismantling of used household appliances, but also in-depth refining and application technologies; plastic recycling projects have been started, and printed board processing projects, rare-earth metal refining, and glass disposal projects are being implemented.

From this point of view, it is necessary to invest a great deal in the construction of a processing facility that is a true device and technology, pollution-free to the environment, and capable of realizing industrial recycling effects. This tests the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. China National Grid understands that at present, home appliance manufacturers have been disqualified and have established waste disposal plants such as Gree, Midea, Haier, TCL and Changhong.

The qualification application process for processing companies is probably: first, the company must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency of the region where it is located. The local EPB must put this enterprise into the planning when planning the disposal base. Each region must report to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The planning plans for the regional processing bases, such as the number of companies, in what areas, and how large they are. Only after the approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection can the company finally obtain the qualification. This plan will be adjusted once every few years. The bad companies will be smashed down and good companies will be drawn in again.

Wei Yan, deputy director of the Fund Division of the Ministry of Finance, revealed on June 15th that the China Household Electrical Appliances Association’s "Disposal Electrical and Electronic Products Processing Fund Policy Symposium" was held in Beijing and revealed that by 2013, the above plan will begin to be adjusted. The plan may increase or decrease the number of companies, change the business directory, and adjust the scope of the processing base.

In the process of formulating this new plan, companies must think of ways to hand over their own materials, let the local government understand the company's strengths, processing capabilities, etc., and finally put them in the list of plans. Finally, if the Ministry of Environmental Protection approves again, the company will be qualified. This is an opportunity for home appliance manufacturers with comprehensive capabilities. The difficulty in obtaining qualifications for waste disposal companies is expected to break through. Jiang Feng, chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said that before this time, home appliance companies need to make all preparations in advance, lay a good foundation, and have sufficient recovery and dismantlement strength in order to have a better chance of obtaining corporate qualifications.

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