Fujian Home Appliances Policy for Rural Areas Continues to the End of January 2013

Yesterday (July 3rd), the reporter learned from the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission that in the first half of this year, the sales of home appliances to rural areas in Fujian Province were good. The cumulative sales amounted to 1.559 million units, amounting to 3.99 billion yuan, an increase of 11.6% and 25.1% over the same period of last year respectively. .

It is understood that since February 20, 2009, Fujian Province has fully launched home appliances to the countryside, and the policy implementation period will continue until January 31, 2013, which is the last batch due. The items included in the home appliance subsidy policy include washing machines, microwave ovens, water heaters, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, induction cookers, refrigerators, and color TVs. Farmers can enjoy 13% financial subsidies for purchasing home appliances to the countryside. At the end of November 2011, the “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” policy had already ended in the first batch of pilot provinces in Shandong, Sichuan, and Henan, and the “replacement of old appliances” for home appliances had ended nationwide at the end of 2011.

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