Three advantages of intelligent lighting, the market outlook is unstoppable

With the development of network technology and communication technology, the concept and development of digital home concept, intelligent lighting as an important part of digital home has been valued by various intelligent manufacturers, and has compiled the following three aspects of intelligent lighting control system and related Product features are introduced:

First, the control content and scope:

1. Time control Through the electrical components such as the clock manager, different time control of the lighting fixtures for normal working conditions in each area is realized.

2. Automatic adjustment and control of illumination brightness Through the electrical components such as each dimming module and illuminance dynamic detector, the automatic dimming control of the lighting fixtures for normal working conditions in each area under normal conditions is realized. Illuminance does not change with changes in external factors such as sunshine, and is always maintained at a preset value of illumination.

3. Scene control Through each electrical component such as the dimming module and the control panel, the scene switching control of the lighting area in the normal working state in each area is controlled.

4. Automatic switch control Through each electrical component such as dimming module and motion detector, automatic switch control of lighting fixtures in normal working conditions in each area is realized.

5. The control of emergency lighting refers to the control performed by the intelligent lighting control system on the emergency lighting in a special area. By controlling the electrical components such as the dimming module of each emergency lighting control, the lighting fixtures in each area are realized under emergency conditions. Abandon control such as dimming to achieve 100% emergency lighting in an accident state.

6. The manual remote control controls the manual control and regional scene control of the lighting fixtures in each area through the infrared remote control under normal conditions. The scope of intelligent lighting control system control mainly includes the following categories: urban area lighting, street lighting; computer center, hospital, military and other important departments; home foyer and atrium, walkway and elevator room; and in addition, the overall structure of large buildings facade lighting switch signal is also provided by the intelligent lighting control system for controlling two <br> <br>, reliability reliability <br> <br> system intelligent lighting control system relates to a fault-tolerant system architecture, system controller, and Measures and other aspects.

1. The structure of the control system has been continuously improved with the development of computer communication technology, and has evolved from the fourth generation of distributed control to the fifth generation of distributed control. The characteristics of distributed control are that the controller is highly modular in structure, highly dispersible in layout, highly autonomous and intelligent in controller performance, and has self-diagnosis and fault tolerance. Information is transmitted through a simple bus according to standard protocols. Transmission, so the distributed system structure is very reliable and simple, design, installation, operation, maintenance, and very convenient.

2. The reliability of the lighting controller is an important part of the control system. The reliability of the key components, circuit design and protection measures of the controller will directly affect the safety and stability of the lighting operation.

3. In addition to the system structure and the reliability of the controller, it is necessary to take some preventive measures to further improve the safety and reliability of the system. For example, if the monitoring software is set on the network, check whether the online communication of each controller on the network is normal. If a controller is found to have abnormal communication, the system will automatically dispose of it.

Third, the comprehensive advantages of intelligent lighting control system:

1. Good energy-saving effect In the current macroeconomic construction of China, the task of saving energy and energy is becoming more and more urgent. The intelligent lighting control system uses various "smart setting" control methods and control components to accurately set and manage the illuminance of different environments at different times to achieve maximum energy saving effect. This method of automatically adjusting the illuminance makes full use of the natural sunlight outside, and only when necessary, the luminaire is turned on to the required brightness, and the required illuminance level is ensured with the least energy, and the power saving effect is very obvious, generally up to 30%. the above. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system can also perform dimming control on fluorescent lamps, etc. Since the fluorescent lamp adopts the dimmable electronic ballast with active filtering technology, the harmonic content is reduced, the power factor is improved, and the low voltage is reduced. Power loss, also achieve power saving purposes.

2. Extending the life of the lamp Extending the life of the lamp not only saves a lot of money, but also greatly reduces the maintenance workload of replacing the lamp, reduces the failure rate and operating cost of the lighting system, and makes management and maintenance much easier. Whether it is a thermal radiation source or a gas discharge source, fluctuations in the grid voltage are a major cause of source damage. Therefore, the intelligent lighting control system can effectively suppress the fluctuation of the grid voltage, and the functions of voltage limitation and yoke filtering can effectively avoid the damage of the overvoltage and undervoltage to the luminaire. In addition, the intelligent lighting control system also has soft start and soft turn-off technology to avoid damage to the light source caused by the inrush current. Through the above method, the life of the luminaire can usually be extended by 2 to 4 times.

3. Improving lighting quality Good lighting quality is a necessary condition for improving work and learning efficiency. The intelligent lighting control system replaces the traditional flat switch control luminaire with the dimming module control panel, which can effectively control the overall illuminance value in each room, thereby improving illuminance uniformity. At the same time, the electrical components used in this control method also solve the stroboscopic effect, and will not cause people to feel dizzy and tired eyes.

4. Achieve a variety of lighting effects Modern architecture, lighting is not simply to meet people's visual shading effect, but also should have a variety of control programs, so that the lighting of the building is more artistic, let people appreciate the beautiful Visual effect. If the intelligent lighting control system is equipped in the exhibition hall, lecture hall, lobby, atrium, etc. in the building and the external contours, the corresponding pre-set scenes can be controlled according to different time, different purposes and different effects, so that a rich Artistic effect.

5. Convenient management and maintenance The intelligent lighting control system controls the lighting mainly with modular automatic control. The manual control is supplemented. The parameters of the lighting preset scene are stored in the EPROM digitally. The setting and replacement of these information is very convenient. In addition, the life of the lamp has been greatly improved, making lighting management and equipment maintenance easier.

6. Higher economic returns According to experts, only from the two aspects of saving electricity and saving lamps: in three to five years, the owner can basically recover the full cost of the intelligent lighting control system. The intelligent lighting control system can improve the lighting environment, improve employee productivity and reduce maintenance and management costs, and save the owner a considerable amount of money.

IV Summary <br> <br> comprehensive than some advantages, intelligent lighting home lighting system must be of a trend. It is imperative.

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