How to choose the living room lighting in the home?

Speaking of home has to say the most important venue: living room (living room). The general commercial room design, the living room is mostly square or rectangular, the net height is about 3 meters, and the height after the ceiling is about 2.7 meters. Such a height can be selected from a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, which is more flexible.
1 typical main light is installed in the center of the living room
Figure: Typical main light is installed in the center of the living room
If the height is less than 2.5 meters, do not install a chandelier. I am afraid that no one wants to be hit by a lamp in his living room. Oh, forget the business, this main light should be installed in the middle of the living room, which can bring even and sufficient illumination for the whole living room.
2 should use the ceiling lamp
Figure: Ceiling light should be used when the height is low
Position, we will talk about the choice of light source, I suggest the use of 7 ~ 9W high-quality yellow light energy-saving lamps, the number depends on the living room area, generally about 2.4 square meters. This situation is for the case of using a chandelier. If it is a ceiling lamp, it is recommended to calculate it at 2W/m2.
Note: The area mentioned here is the activity area served by this main light, excluding the dining room, balcony and other areas next to it!
Take my family as an example. The living room with a length of 5 meters and a width of 4 meters has an area of ​​20 square meters. If the chandelier is installed, the number of light sources is 20 ÷ 2.4 ≈ 8. If it is a ceiling light? Of course it is 40W, but I am referring to the ceiling lamp using a ring tube.
3 living room lighting
Picture: Xiaobian’s home is the sauce purple drop
You can forward it when you see it here. If you want to know more, please look down.
Hello, Xiaobian, now LED is in full swing, why don't you recommend it, but recommend three primary color energy-saving lamps?
First of all, the luminous efficiency of energy-saving lamps is about 50~70lm/W, and the energy-saving lighting effects of the three primary colors of well-known brands can be higher.
Secondly, the technically mature procurement cost of the three primary color energy-saving lamps is low, and it is also an essential skill for the lighting novices to save money for the owners.
The last three primary color energy-saving lamps have higher color rendering and are in line with the recommendations of the illuminated Bible.
With the experience of my old rookie, there are two problems with the LED lighting products in the home improvement market:
First, the light effect is actually not high, and the energy-saving lamps are not much different;
Second, if the qualified products that meet the requirements are several times more expensive than the energy-saving lamps.
Such a purchase is not cost-effective for the family, and it is not a matter of saving money. I will not do this old rookie! Of course, too many inferior LED products are full of home improvement market, and there are hidden dangers to the safe use of the owners themselves. Based on the public consumption concept, I suggest that LEDs should not be used at home.
Why do you recommend energy-saving lamps with yellow light (color temperature 2700K)? Home lighting illumination is low, and it will be comfortable with low color temperature. Of course, if you really like the dark and cold environment, Xiaobian will not stop you...
In addition, the color rendering index Ra>80 is also the recommended value for lighting the Bible, why? For the sake of comfort. The higher the color rendering index, the stronger the ability of the light source to express color. Under such high-quality lighting, people's skin color will look a lot more beautiful!

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