Evaluation: OSRAM S5 device

As the lighting market continues to change, the corresponding devices will also produce many types. However, every company has a fist product. Although the large enterprise product line is very complete, there are still key recommended products, such as the 757 leading medium power market in the Nichia SMD series. OSRAM hopes to rely on the S5 device to impress customers. So let's take a look at the performance of OSRAM's S5 device today and do a small evaluation.
First, OSRAM says:
Since September 2014, OSRAM has identified S5 and S8 products, of which S8 products have also been used for 2 months of customer trials through Optoelectronics News (of course, there is a prize trial, I got a 50 yuan call). About S8 this product will be said later, the focus today is S5.
Second, use the data to speak:
There are 4 kinds of color temperatures of the samples obtained this time. The photoelectric parameters under various current conditions are tested. The data are as follows:
It can be seen from the data that if you follow the product introduction, 130lm/W@5000K is only possible at 80mA. When the maximum driving speed is 240mA, the luminous efficiency is only 103lm/W. This data is still a bit low. And the above data are transient test data, if you add a thermal loss coefficient of 0.9 between 25 ° and 85 °, then this S5 may be limited (because the internal temperature of the lamp used with 3030 lamp beads is relatively high) ).
Third, material selection
From the product introduction, the white epoxy package is used. First of all, don't think that the encapsulant inside is epoxy resin. The introduction is that the bracket is made of white epoxy resin. Look at the bracket first:
Epoxy resin package
From the bottom of the bottom, there is a clear anti-stretch hole position. It can be inferred that the bracket is formed by stamping and re-injection. Observing from the side wall is not the separation of the cutters of the EMC bracket, but the conventional cutting using a die cutting die.
Look at the chip again:
This chip is very similar to a chip in Taiwan, and should not be produced by OSRAM itself. It is very likely that the products of the Taiwan chip factory are directly purchased.
In the face of the general market, all enterprises have their own magical powers, technology with technological advantages, and capital with capital advantages. OSRAM's product is more general, performance may generally have an advantage in price.
OSRAM has clearly stopped investing more capital and technology into the high-power ceramic series, so the future small and medium power market will have a more brutal competition. For the customer to invest in S5 and S8 products, it may not be able to fundamentally change the market structure. It is a better choice to use the subtractive thinking to make products and use the time and manpower of the three products to create quality products. Because the competition in the market is not based on product categories, but on product features.

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