Automation equipment: the comparison between imported and domestic equipment

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" December issue (total 60th issue) | Yang Jinglin] In the final analysis, regardless of equipment, price is always the primary factor for customers to consider. Therefore, compared with the purchase of second-hand imported equipment that has been used by some enterprises for about ten years, why not “transfer” to the embrace of new domestic equipment, and make new attempts to generate more economic benefits.

“In the case of the same price, the customer has a choice of comparison, more will choose a new machine instead of “second-hand goods.” Xu Wei explained that second-hand imported equipment also involves the maintenance and maintenance of the product later, due to the use of used equipment Service providers are taking the overall market sales, so it is easy to leak in the after-sales service, and can not deal with customer problems in a timely manner. However, the new domestic equipment is directly provided by the equipment manufacturing enterprise to ensure the performance and use effect of the later equipment.

Huang Fuqing, vice president of the same party's optoelectronics sales, said, "In the case of not very large production capacity, domestic equipment and imported equipment are not very different for us." And the price of imported equipment is high, in after-sales and other aspects of services. There is no domestically produced fast and convenient, and the replacement of spare parts is not as fast as domestically produced.

In addition, Wei Xuezhi also stated that “normally, domestically produced machines may be superior in resolution, and there are new designs and assembled parts for the equipment, and the production efficiency is correspondingly improved.” Undoubtedly, the equipment The two production process capabilities are also the areas that users care most about.

However, despite the rapid development of domestic automation equipment, it has also brought many problems to be solved, such as the current plagiarism in the industry and the issue of patent infringement.

In Yu Yaoguo's view, the reason why domestic plagiarism is so serious is that there are too few R&D personnel, so it is impossible to develop equipment with high technical strength and competitiveness. Therefore, whether it is from the state, enterprises or individuals, we should pay more attention to the cultivation of talents and appropriate incentives for R&D personnel. At the same time, the state and the government should also respond appropriately to it, and as a result, the number of patents that have been repeatedly banned will be greatly reduced.

And how to better create the competitiveness of the product? For the easy-to-automatic automation of the cutting-edge route, it is also full of experience. For example, Yitong automation equipment is better than the all-round identification function of imported equipment, the absolute cost performance advantage, and the more convenient after-sales service, which are unmatched by imported equipment.

"At the moment when the plagiarism is prevailing, the company's forward-looking vision and anticipation are also very important. Enterprises can only take the lead in the competition if they have reserves, innovative positioning and production of their own equipment." Yu Yaoguo said.

Of course, domestic automation equipment wants to come to the forefront. In addition to drawing on the technical essence of imported equipment, it also needs to use more lean materials in hardware selection. The software is more customized with customized requirements, and the operation interface is designed to be easy to learn. operating.

As a prototype of automation equipment, many so-called automation equipments are still "extensive" equipment, which is less automated and requires higher labor costs. In the future, as the equipment becomes more intelligent, the manual intervention will be less and less, and many process-oriented equipments will be connected in series to generate a fully automatic assembly line, which will greatly improve the work efficiency.

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