How to use LED lighting to create a comfortable bedroom lighting environment?

The bedroom is where people rest and sleep. Most people often read and study in the bedroom and use the bedroom as a study. Therefore, the interior should create a quiet, soft and peaceful lighting effect. Of course, we must first ensure the convenience and safety of living.

In this case, the bedroom does not require a lot of lights and does not require strong light. Indirect lighting and diffusion should be the mainstay.

If you don't want to use your brains, the most common and simplest thing is to use concentrated lighting. If the height of the ceiling is more than 3 meters, you can choose a beautiful chandelier that expresses your own style, to achieve basic lighting and also increase the spatial point of view, but the height of the floor from the bottom of the lamp should not be less than 2.5 meters. If the ceiling is lower than 2.8 meters, you have to choose a ceiling lamp with a height of no more than 0.25 meters.

It must be noted that when installing the decorative chandelier indoors, it should not be placed directly above the bed, so that it is close to the end of the bed or the top of the bed. See below:

In order to create a warm lighting effect, if possible, it is recommended to implement partition lighting for the bedroom because:

First, the light is more layered;

Second, make good use of the efficiency of the lighting source, the bright place must be bright enough.

For an example, this is a standard bedroom space with a ceiling height of 2.8 meters. We use integrated lighting to illuminate the lights. Below are the lighting planning rules:

1) The bright light, the dark dark.

2) Partition lighting the interior to form a lighting level.

3) Need to have enough lighting, living lighting is preferred.

4) Do not appear large dark areas or light dead ends.

5) Inside the window, the façade of the wardrobe, and the bedside is best equipped with spotlights.

Figure: Lighting plan description

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