【Home Appliances play bad】 Let's Die! Is the snowy moon cake stuffing delicious?

[PConline live broadcast] Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, because the Mid-Autumn Festival is going to leave, so the two anchors decided to give the festival to everyone in advance in the live broadcast. This issue of "Home Appliances is broken", you will see the live production. Dark snowy moon cakes, in addition to mustard and other common materials, there are otters to help!

The director prepared a lot of ingredients for them. There are normal ingredients such as fruit and bean paste. Of course, there are mustard, garlic and leeks. These are not normal ingredients. People who win in the following games can give priority to the ingredients. If they lose, they should eat their own mooncakes. So what is the game?

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Starting time: 15:30 on September 5, 2016

Round1: boasting

In the middle of the transparent tube, there was a otter (scientific name, dragonfly, which could eat). Wing and Haige had to use the strength of sucking milk to blow the pimple to the other party, and those who first met the pimple had lost.

Round2: Who can pull more

The two anchors got a piece of bubble gum and they had 30 seconds to chew the bubble gum. After the timer was over, who could get longer bubble gum, they could choose a food.

Round3: Polluted Water


This live broadcast

Current female anchor: Wing

Occupation: PConline Secret Group Editor

Skills: When a man with a kinetic energy of 5 kilometers, the static energy holds a good hand x female

The current male anchor: Sea King

Occupation: PConline Home Appliance Channel Editor

Skills: professional destruction of small experts, knowing all kinds of wonderful methods of death

Is it possible to eat mooncakes with stuffing? Scan code Add our live QQ group and have the chance to see the little secret that can't be broadcast on the live broadcast! We will still inform you on time before the live broadcast!

Want to interact with the anchor? So please everyone visit our live room to leave a message to the host! Can also join our PConline live QQ exchange group and we have in-depth exchanges, know all without saying anything, at 15:30 on September 5th we are still alive.

Live platform broadcast address





Starting time: 15:30 on September 5, 2016


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