Beijing city cable network real-time monitoring

Beijing city cable network real-time monitoring The reporter was informed that at present, the Beijing Cable Operation Center is monitoring the temperature, load, grounding current, etc. of the city's cable network in real time. Each cable operation specialist is responsible for patrolling the 30-km tunnel, that is, related cable facilities, every day.

According to reports, the power transmission in Beijing's downtown area is mainly realized by cable networks. Huang Heming, chief engineer of the cable company, said that from the monitoring data, the current line with the highest load ratio is concentrated in the northwest of the city.

At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the load rates of the "Yabao 1" and "Yabao 2" lines in the northwest of Beijing occupied the top two positions, which were 74.6% and 71.98%, respectively, which were higher than the line load rate in the third place. 20%.

Up to now, the maximum load of the Beijing grid has appeared at 11:14 am on August 9, reaching 15.54 million kilowatts.

On-site visits: The Dongzhimen Power Tunnel was close to the wellhead, and the thermometer pointer soared to 43°C. The heat was blowing and the tunnel was like a sauna. The underground temperature was even more intolerable. The reporter only stayed in the tunnel well with a depth of 3 meters for one minute and felt hot and breathless. Climbing up from the bottom of the well, the clothes are already stuck on the body.

According to the staff, the temperature in the tunnel is mostly at 50°C. Each time the tunnel is inspected for an hour or so, eight hours a day, and at least eight or nine bottles of water.

Safety: unlike glass neon tube, its normal operation requires a high voltage of 15,000V, while the flexible neon strip is at 12V. And its shockproof, temperature resistant, salt resistant, acid and alkali resistant.

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