Skyworth S9D reveals a fine and detailed feeling from the outside to the inside, which is especially pragmatic

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are about to become the next wave of technological revolutions, and they are highly regarded by technology giants around the world. Among them, the wave of AR technology was highly forward-thinking domestic home appliance company Skyworth, for the first time applied to smart TV. Leading the entire television industry in the exploration and development of new technologies. In addition, Skyworth has been adhering to the most cutting-edge display technology - the development and production of OLED display technology, not only allows users to feel the exquisite picture quality, OLED self-luminous can bring a healthier viewing experience.

This came to the evaluation room is this August 29th release of the world's first AR TV - Skyworth S9D, but also as an inheritance and continuation of Skyworth OLED high-end TV, S9D who fully embodies the design and display of Skyworth in the industry Deep technical accumulation and continuous innovation. Skyworth S9D adopts a new generation of OLED screens, has a 4.7mm ultra-thin body, highly integrated design, equipped with JBL high-end audio, plus Skyworth's independently developed Coolopen system 5.5, so that Skyworth S9D in the core display technology, soft All aspects of the hardware are technically superior. It is not too late, let us unveil the package and look at the true face of Skyworth S9D!


Skyworth S9D packaging uses a more environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, the overall color is white, the front of the package is a colorful OLED words and splash color TV design, simple and special sense of focus.

At the top of the box there are notes and notes for the handling and installation of the TV. It is intuitive and easy to understand. The left side also shows the TV model number, volume weight, and certification information.

After opening the package, you can see that the TV and the accessories are neatly placed together, and the body is wrapped in a very thick foam to ensure the safety of the TV during transportation. In addition to the TV host, in addition to the TV host, it also includes four metal support feet, remote control, power cord, a three-AV line, AR camera, screws and manuals and other items.

The tripod of the TV is very heavy in the hands and it can be seen that the materials are very solid. The base mounting is protected with a rubber stopper, and the rubber stopper can be inserted into the base, and it can be fixed with a screw. The design of the base is very unique and better integrated with the fuselage.

On the remote control side, the Skyworth S9D continues the classic shape of the “eggplant” remote control, using an ergonomic shape, which is very comfortable to hold, and is equipped with commonly used shortcut function keys, and also has popular functions such as Bluetooth and voice.

Summary: From the preliminary out of the box, Skyworth S9D reveals a fine and detailed feeling from the outside to the inside, accessories are also uncompromising, especially the thick and solid tripod, especially people practical.

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