Samsung invests 2.1 billion and TCL join hands to create the world's highest generation LCD panel line

Recently, Samsung invested 2.1 billion yuan to invest in G11 projects, holding 9.6747% shares in G11 projects.

On August 29th, TCL Group announced that it plans to invest 46.5 billion yuan to invest in the construction of the 11th generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED new display device production line project (hereinafter referred to as G11 project) in Guangming New District, Shenzhen. The 11th generation line is the current global LCD panel. The highest generation line. Since TCL is currently investing an additional 21 billion yuan in investment, Samsung took this opportunity to inject capital into one of its partners.

The plant is jointly invested by TCL Group, China Star Optoelectronics and Shenzhen Economic and Trade Information Committee. The data shows that the factory will produce 10,000 glass substrates (3370×2940 mm) per month, mainly producing 43, 65, 70 and 75 inches. LCD.

In December 2015, the BOE 10.5 generation line started construction in Hefei, and earlier this month, the G11 project landed in Shenzhen. Domestic companies have been creating two more than 10 generations LCD panel production line projects within two years in a row, causing a sensation in the global display industry. In response to the fact that the highest-generation LCD panel production line in the world has once again fallen on China, the industry has expressed some concern.

At present, Samsung has gradually closed its 5th generation line and 7th generation line, and has invested its funds in AMOLED technology; LGD has also fully deployed large-size OLED panels. BOE Chairman Wang Dongsheng also made it clear that in the field of semiconductor display, BOE will no longer invest in TFT-LCD production lines in principle, and the future investment will focus on next-generation display technologies such as AMOLED. However, in this case, the G11 project still invests heavily in building LCD production lines.

What does Samsung want to invest in the G11 project?

According to external analysis, although the investment in LCDs in the current environment is not as strong as it used to be, it still cannot be replaced. Samsung's investment in the 11th-generation line is to obtain stable production capacity for ultra-large LCD-related products.

Second, Samsung's 8.187% stake after its investment was the transfer of shares from Huaxing Optoelectronics. According to the TCL announcement, Samsung transferred its entire shareholding of Huaxing Optoelectronics (corresponding to a capital contribution of 1.5 billion yuan) to a third-party Hubei Yangtze River Kyrgyzstan-based Hanwing equity investment fund partnership at a price of 2.1 billion yuan. Hanwing) earned 600 million yuan from it.

The 11th-generation panel plant of the joint venture will start construction at the end of this year and is expected to be put into mass production in July 2019. Upon completion, it will become the world's most advanced panel maker with the highest investment.

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