My desktop evolution history chapter one: when the table is filled with QC-Anker 60W desktop charger

Hello everyone, I am a good student

After drying up this desktop combo last year, people often leave a message asking

QC fast charge has been fully popular this year, but it has also been updated a while back.

It's worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that it is worthwhile to buy as a sea voyage.

Do not talk nonsense, we first come in and out of the box

Note: The following figures are under the text above

Unpacking articles:

The box is quite large, and compared with the mouse

Flip open

Body and accessories

The power line also comes with a hub

Very intimate with a 3M sticker, stick to the desktop is very convenient

The new whole changed to white

The material was changed to bright plastic, and the old type of skin scrub is easy to scratch and easy to scratch.

When viewed from the side, the surface is not very smooth and flat. I hope the follow-up can be improved.

The front panel is also upgraded from old plastic panels to metal

The front part works well

The texture of the metal is indeed better than the old plastic.

The old plastic panel is very easy to leave scratches

The top interface of the 6 ports is QC2.0 fast charge

The following 5 are IQ charging ports

Here I say this IQ port, in fact, the car charger evaluation has already said

The official saying is called PowerIQ Speed ​​Charge Technology, which is simply to identify the access device through the chip.

Tablet or mobile phone, etc., giving a custom current of 5V

The tail is the power input

The input is the same as the old models, all are 100-240V ~ 1.4A 50-60HZ

So the old power cord is also suitable

Use article:

Now put the charger on us to test the power

First remove the old table

Standing together, the new one is higher than the old one.

I also stuck an old 3M adhesive

It's still a bit of a struggle

This adhesiveness is very good, do not have to take it down, the charger continues to use

OK, all of a sudden the color of the three devices was unified.

Contrast with the old one, here's to mention that there is a work light above the old one.

Slightly obtrusive at night, the new model was completely cancelled.

The new overall and my desktop take a bit more

Test articles:

Test equipment for Samsung S7 edge, iphone6s, plus

Ipad pro9.7 and QC fast charge mobile power

First to test the S7 edge

Access to the QC port above, the device shows fast charging

Real-time output is 9V/1.61A, reaching QC2.0 9V/1.6A standard

Consistent with the original adapter

Older models that do not support the QC protocol maintain output around 5V/1.7A-1.8A

When inserting the lower non-QC port, the output is basically the same as the old one.

Although there are 3 generations of wireless charging, I still like to use line charging.

Why do you want to ask me why I like the original real touch?

speak English!

Well, what kind of experience is it worthwhile to throw a charge and throw it out of baby darts?

Anker QC2.0 mobile power

The output is maintained at 9V/1.7A-1.9A, and it is still their own brothers and sisters.

iPad Pro 9.7

The output is 5V/2.3A

超过 more than the original adapter

iPhone 4.7, Year 1A

Iphone6 ​​plus,5V/1.38A

⇩ plus original adapter is still 1A, iPad charger can reach nearly 5V/1.5A

Let's test the full load again

Fully fired, with 3 MFI data cables and 2 micro usb cables

⇩ 6 fully open, QC port data does not change, 9V/1.6A

⇩ iPad is still 5V/2.3A

⇩ iphone 4.7 power is too low, data rose to 1.17A

⇩ QC port for mobile power, data is still 9V/1.71A


After a round of testing, Anker's desk charge is still very powerful.

Whether it is the QC port or the ordinary IQ port at the bottom, the book data meets the requirements, and some ios devices even exceed some of the original factory adapters.

After a few days, if you are dual-edition for Android and iOS, you should be as comfortable as I am.

Summary and purchase advice:

Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages


The appearance is simple, the front metal panel work well;

Intimate is equipped with a management line stickers and 3M stickers;

Each interface of the charging output is single-loaded or full-loaded, all reaching the nominal value;

The heat control is good and no overheating occurs.

Disadvantages and suggestions for improvement:

Side white glossy plastic process needs to be strengthened, and some places are not flat;

Compared to the old ones, they removed work lights, although there was no light pollution at night.

But taking it away from me also makes me less comfortable. There should be better solutions.

As with the old models, there are still no independent switches. If you want to control them individually, use them only with smart sockets.

The price is slightly more expensive, compared to the old regular version expensive 80

Purchase suggestion:

Compared to the old models last year, the appearance of the material was updated, and the anti-fouling and anti-dirty have also been improved.

Joined QC2.0 fast charge support, good book data, QC users can consider

If ios users do not need QC

Do not mind the material is easy to dirty old money is also a good choice, plus and iPad output are also higher than the original adapter

The price is still relatively cheap, milk tea mobile phone is now 179

And the price of 40W 5 port mobile terminal is lower

Finally look at the weight comparison

This is Anker's QC2.0 charging head, weight 81g

The weight of the table charger is 233g

The weight is less than 3 times that of the charging head, but in return it is 6 power guaranteed outlets

If there are enough devices, it is more convenient to go out

If you think the evaluation is good, please pay attention to me in the upper right corner  

I will continue to bring you digital products and mobile phone evaluation

Desktop devices have also been buying, buying and buying. This series of articles will also be slowly updated.

Finally, thank you guys for seeing here

Thanks a prayer


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