Shantou: UAV detection black electroplating factory "exposed stuffing"

The concealed black electroplating plant involved in the case exceeded the standard by more than 100 times. Shantou Environmental Protection Police broke the big case and captured 4 people.

  A factory hiding in a remote location in the suburbs, regardless of the day and night, the door is closed, but the factory is constantly roaring the machine operation, until the relevant law enforcement personnel use the drone to detect it, it is a serious pollution Illegal electroplating factory. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from an interview with the Public Security Bureau of Shantou City that the environmental protection investigation team of the patrol patrol team jointly with the environmental protection department recently destroyed the illegal electroplating factory and arrested four suspects on the spot. This is also the first major case that Shantou City’s “Environmental Protection Police” has cracked since it was formed at the end of August.

In the process of carrying out daily work, the relevant police of Shantou City Environmental Protection Police Team found that there is a factory in the suburb of Guating Street in Longhu District of the city, which is often closed at night and day, but the factory is constantly making sounds of machine work. Since the factory is located in the suburbs, there are a lot of surrounding factories and the terrain is complicated. Law enforcement officers will enable drones for investigation.

In the aerial photography, the relevant police officers found that there was an obvious oil-stained belt stretching hundreds of meters in the river near the factory. After visiting the reconnaissance site on the spot, the police found that a hidden pipe from the factory to the river was hidden in the dense grass outside the wall of the factory. The turbid sewage from the black shovel was continuously discharged into the river, causing the river to burst. The stench, the oily belt in Hanoi is formed by the sewage discharged from this dark pipe.

After a period of investigation, the relevant police confirmed the fact that the factory involved serious environmental pollution. As a result, the police immediately joined the law enforcement officers of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and dispatched 28 law enforcement officers to conduct a surprise inspection of the sewage disposal dens. According to the staff involved in law enforcement, once they entered the factory, they found that the sewage was flowing and the acid mist was diffused, emitting a pungent smell. On the same day, the police arrested four suspects, including Li Moguo, the owner of the factory, and seized 2 chrome production lines, 4 electroplating pools, 2 pickling tanks, 1 barrel of hydrochloric acid stored in violation of regulations, several tanks of sulfuric acid, and 20 pieces of chrome finished products. .

After preliminary investigation, the illegal electroplating factory involved in the project was completed and put into operation in June this year. It is an unlicensed and unlicensed operation. It has not obtained any EIA documents and discharge permits. It has been engaged in metal surface heat treatment production and a large number of industries containing heavy metals such as lead and chromium. The wastewater is discharged directly to the off-site river without any purification treatment. The provincial and municipal environmental protection departments have determined that the total lead of these wastewaters exceeds the standard by 128 times and the total chromium exceeds the standard by 165 times. At present, the police have detained four suspects in accordance with the law.

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