Popcorn VTEN Player Experience

The previous article once said that the old HD player: Biwei as the 8038 hung up, after some selection and selection of popcorn VTEN, received after use is very satisfied, the following will give you the next show. .

First, the painful choice

Second, excited to open the box

Third, simple manipulation

Fourth, good picture quality

Fifth, purchase advice

First, the painful choice

In the era of the next generation of high-definition cameras, sigma and marvell have a lot of respect. Generally speaking, sigma's picture quality is more supple, especially 2D playback, 8643 is the classic representative, but the biggest problem is not Supports 3D. Marvell is based on the 3010. Its unique QDEO video processing technology has a good improvement in the sharpness, contrast and blue-green quality of the picture, and enhances the color of the skin. It also supports 3D. When sigma is silent, it grabs a lot of noise. market. But it seems like feng shui turns. After entering the 4K era, marvell is silent. Instead, the quiet sigma first introduced its 4K master 8757, representing the model popcorn vten, and then redoubled its efforts to launch a stronger 4-core 8758. Among them are popcorn A500, A500Pro and dune solo 4k.

The choice of brands: In the sigma camp, popcorn and dune are the two most representative brands. They are much better than domestic brands in technical support and firmware updates. This is why I did not choose domestic machines anymore. I believe many friends who choose 8758 will hesitate between A500 and SOLO 4K. As far as the airframe is concerned, the A500 works well, with an all-metal body and a built-in hard disk compartment. The SOLO 4K is compact and has a built-in dual-band WIFI. Functionally speaking, popcorn has the best support for external subtitles, especially special effects subtitles, while dune is more perfect for original navigation. I personally mainly to download the compressed 1080P MKV-based, low requirements for navigation, plus popcorn all-metal body is very close to my taste, and ultimately still biased popcorn.

Chip selection: In terms of performance, the performance of the 8758 is undoubtedly better, and dune also solves the problem of disk navigation, but its HDMI is still 1.4b, still only 30Hz for 4K output, can not reach the full 4K requirements, plus On the main I still mainly to take projection-based, 1080P and enough, plus cheaper prices, I finally chose the 8757 main control of popcorn VTEN.

This is the technical parameter of popcorn VTEN.

Second, excited to open the box

VTEN's packaging features a white keynote, 4K in the top right corner is very eye-catching

The interior is also relatively simple, but it is protected with shockproof foam

Because VTEN has no built-in hard disk drive, the volume is relatively small, but the all-metal body still makes its weight quite heavy and heavy.

The appearance is also a simple line, and there is no excessive modification

Side USB and SD card interface

Back interface, fiber, coaxial, HDMI, WLAN, USB, eSATA, not rich but good enough

Especially the eSATA interface, this is faster than USB, unfortunately was canceled on the machine after A500

With a hard disk seat is very easy to use, be regarded as to make up for the lack of built-in hard disk warehouse.

At the bottom is a hollow design for easy cooling

VTEN's remote control is more than Tucao, compared to the A500's large remote control, whether it is appearance, function or feel should be worse.

Since there is no burden on the built-in hard disk, the power supply also changed from 12v to 5v.

Photo taken with 8038 to be taken away.

Third, simple manipulation

After booting, there will be a simple wizard. It should be noted here that since VTEN does not have built-in WIFI, it supports the WIFI card controlled by Realtek RTL8192, Ralink RT3070, and MT7610U 802.11ac.

I took the direct use of the 8038, perfect support, but unfortunately only 150m

Now that we have to pay attention to the setting options, in fact, most of us can use the default settings, in addition to the following points to note:

First of all, we choose Chinese Spelling

In the audio settings option, if you are an external amplifier decoding, it is recommended that everyone use the direct mode, this is the source output, in addition, for many power amplifiers, AAC decoding is a problem, this time we can choose to downgrade, stereo or Multi-channel can be.

On the video settings, the output is preferably specified according to the playback terminal

VXP is the core of sigma's image quality enhancement. Similar to marvell's QDEO, popcorn uses a 10-level classification, and everyone can adjust it according to their taste.

One of the biggest advantages of popcorn is a stable firmware update. Basically, new firmware is released every week, and the function has been improved from the time it was launched. This requires domestic equipment to learn well.

Adjusting the above is basically ready to play video, but for popcorn, the most valuable is the network mode, which is more convenient with NAS or PC.

On the network side, popcorn supports SMB and NFS sharing. If your NAS supports NFS, then NFS is preferred. Unfortunately, my Xiaomi Routing 2 does not support it. Therefore, you can only use SMB sharing.

Search network, we can see my PC and millet routing.

Continue to find our video folder.

Then we can make a quick sharing. This will be more convenient to enter the next time.

Another feature of popcorn is the poster wall: NMJ

Its scraper is out of the country, and the search speed is not fast either.

And the search is not complete, it is still a lot worse than KODI.

In addition, popcorn also provides a mobile phone APP, but also can have a poster wall on demand.

At the same time provide a mobile phone remote control, full-featured, but the Chinese display is very small.

In addition, popcorn also provides a NMT server function, providing UPNP, NFS and other functions, let us use the built-in hard disk as a small NAS, but because VTEN does not have a built-in hard disk, so this function is basically useless to me.

Fourth, good picture quality

For users who choose HD hard drives, the biggest reason is of course better picture quality. Here's a comparison with the Android system built into the 4K 55-inch TV. However, users who play screen shots know that screen shots and actual experience are still quite different, but they can only be displayed in this way.

Play Terminal: Micro whale 4K 55 inch TV

Play film source: LG 4K demonstration

Camera: Olympus EPL5+25 F1.7 A file F3.5

Specifically, I will not comment on it. Everyone has their own judgment.

In addition, for popcorn users, the good support of plug-in subtitles is an important addition. In addition to the traditional SRT subtitles, ASS/SSA support is also very good, and it is very good for special effects subtitles.

Fifth, purchase advice

This is basically the same as writing here. Finally, I will talk about the choice of Android box and HD player. In the last article, there are many people to leave a message. In fact, this key depends on your viewing habits. If you use online as the main feature and occasionally look at the download, the requirements for picture quality are not high, then the Android box will be a better choice. The good expandability is unmatched by the HD player. Here, we recommend the use of Hass program machine, local playback stability and results are good, such as Haimeidi Q5 4, with KODI can also have a good local playback; for the download of high-definition film source or even the original Blu-ray In terms of the main picture quality party, high-definition cameras are necessary, and the improvement of picture quality is quite obvious, especially for the projection party, a high-definition player with the NAS can basically solve most of the video playback requirements. The selection of high-definition cameras has already been discussed at the beginning of the article and is not described here. For users who are afraid of tossing and have high requirements for picture quality, the Blu-ray player is the best choice. It is easier to read the disc. It is said that the latest 4K player of OPPO is also on the market.

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