Charging three two-part articles twenty-one: 24W QC fast charge rechargeable head - respecting off flash charger 2nd charger out of the box evaluation

I. Introduction

Now many devices will not deliver charging heads, especially mobile power products

I bought a mobile power supply that supports QC fast charging. If I don't have a charger that supports QC, I am not very embarrassed.

But not delivering the charging head is also green, avoiding waste, allowing people in need to buy, and people who do not need it will not be wasted.

Second, out of the box

â–¼ The front transparent plastic shell design, the lower is a paper sleeve, there are some slogans and parameters that need to be highlighted

â–¼ The name of the charging head in the lower right corner, flash charge 2, rated power 16W

â–¼ charge for 10 minutes, talk for 5 hours, feeling exaggerated sense of propaganda

â–¼On the back introduced some features of the charging head

â–¼The bottom is the company, origin, etc.

â–¼ Remove the paper cover, and hide several small signs behind it, namely smart IC, protection, ergonomics and compatibility. Next to it is a small plastic handle that can easily pull up the plastic cover.

â–¼ After opening the package, there is only one charging head and one manual

â–¼The manual describes the design and parameters of the charging head in detail, and also lists the models that support QC2.0 fast charging technology support. It is convenient to check whether your mobile phone supports fast charging.

â–¼The back is the warranty and quick charge introduction

Third, the appearance

â–¼ Charging head is mainly used white and gray color, the upper part has the word respect guest, the following is the full name of QC2.0

â–¼Back empty

â–¼AC plug here silk screen of the charging head parameters

Charging head name: flash charge 2

Model: U111

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

Output: 5V-2.4A, 9V-1.8A, 12V-1.3A

Power: 16W (automatic identification equipment)

â–¼ charging port color is blue

From the side, there are ergonomic considerations for the design of this charging head. The upper part is obviously spacious, easy to use, and easy to insert and pull.

When you look closely, there is a recess on the back that increases the friction and corresponds to the protrusion on the front.

â–¼AC plug magnetism

â–¼ USB charging port also magnetic

Fourth, test

â–¼5V no-load voltage 5.1518V

Stepping current test, no line compensation, maximum output 4.99V 3.6A 18W

â–¼9V no-load voltage 9.1640V

Stepping current test, no line compensation, maximum output 9.05V 2.7A 24.4W, very awesome 9V output port, maximum 24W

â–¼12V no-load voltage 12.107V, whether 5V or 9V no-load voltage is very good, not low or high

Stepping current test, there is no line compensation, but the voltage is very stable, the maximum output 12.03V 2A 24.1W, the same force to the 12V output

To charge ipad air2, seemingly does not support recognition of Apple devices, charging current is less than 1A

â–¼ Charging the Meizu mx5, the current is about 1.3A

â–¼ Charging the millet mobile power source 2 and successfully triggering the QC 9V. Since the power is full, the current is small

V. Summary

1. The appearance of this respected QC2.0 charging head is an ordinary charging head style, which is very detailed and ergonomic design of the plug is very delicate, it really feels very useful in the process of plugging, but the AC plug and Charging interface is relatively silent, certainly not the material of copper nickel plating

2, the output of this charging head is still very awesome, no-load voltage looks good, although there is no line compensation, but with the increase of the load, the voltage is still very stable, and the other 9V, 12V maximum output can come to 24W, With this power into the QC charging head first echelon absolutely no problem

3, the QC fast charge compatibility is good, but actually does not recognize Apple devices, to charge the ipad is only poor 1A, charging speed is slow, now QC equipment plus together do not necessarily have a large number of Apple mobile phones, also Actually does not recognize the apple

thank you all!


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