Linan's first energy-saving lamp industry alliance standard passed provincial acceptance

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau that the provincial block industry standardization project undertaken by the City Lighting Electrical Appliances Association "developed and implemented the energy-saving lamp whole lamp industry alliance standard, and upgraded the overall quality level of Linan energy-saving lamp whole lamp industry" project, passed The assessment and acceptance of the Zhejiang expert group.

The expert group listened to the situation report and consulted the materials, visited the enterprise to check the implementation of the standard, and finally passed the assessment and agreed to approve and implement the project of “developing and implementing the energy-saving lamp whole lamp industry alliance standard and improving the overall quality level of Linan energy-saving lamp whole lamp industry”. It is reported that this is the first alliance standard project in our city that has passed the acceptance test.

The energy-saving lamp industry in our city started in the early 1990s. After 20 years of rapid development, the industrial scale has expanded rapidly. From the production of a single capillary tube to the production of phosphors, glass tubes, capillary tubes, whole lamps, etc., it has formed a relatively complete The industrial chain has become one of the national energy-saving lamp production bases. In 2009, the city had a total of 303 energy-saving lamp production enterprises, including 133 enterprises above designated size and 36 whole-light production enterprises, achieving industrial sales value of more than 5.5 billion yuan and profits and taxes of more than 200 million yuan. In 2010, the city was awarded the National Brand No. by China Lighting Association - "China Energy-saving Electric Light Source Manufacturing Base".

In June 2009, the city's energy-saving lamp whole lamp industry alliance standard project was identified as the Zhejiang block industry standardization project. The project undertaker unit city lighting electrical association cooperated with the municipal quality supervision bureau and the municipal economic development bureau to establish project organization and organization management. A lot of meticulous work has been done on the service guarantee system. During the implementation of the project, an alliance standard drafting group was established, and the “Standards for Self-ballasted Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting” was formulated. The main technical indicators of the standard are luminous flux, lumen maintenance rate and life expectancy, which are higher than national standards. . At the same time, it has carried out 5 alliance standard publicity training sessions free of charge, more than 200 training sessions, more than 500 technical materials, and issued the “Professional Self-discipline System for the Implementation of Alliance Energy-saving Lamp Industry in Lin'an City” to establish and carry out self-inspection of enterprises. Industry association supervision and formulation.

Through a year and a half of hard work, the first 12 companies involved in the implementation of the alliance standard updated 214 equipment, improved 31 process equipment, 32 manufacturing processes and 30 quality control, and produced products for 12 companies according to the alliance standard. Sampling inspection, a total of 24 batches of inspections, all qualified, product pass inspection rate of 100%. In the provincial provincial supervision sampling in 2010, involving companies involved in the implementation of alliance standards, sampling pass rate of 100%. 12 participating companies product sales year Revenue reached 2.19 billion yuan, an increase of 39.03% year-on-year, and the export value increased by 37.34% year-on-year; the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of output value decreased by 10.6%. At the same time, a technical training and exchange platform for the energy-saving lamp industry in our city was established. The backbone of the energy-saving lamp technology with excellent technology has improved the overall production management level and product quality of the city's energy-saving lamps.

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