Joint wing released multi-functional solar LED billboard

From the supplier of pure LED optoelectronic products, Lianyi Technology has developed into a system vendor for the development, design and lighting of LED light source modules. Recently launched a new generation of solar LED billboards with a number of unique features.

The relevant person in charge of the company introduced the new LED large-scale digital display, with "storage function", "can quickly store and update display data", "timed drive LCD or LED LCD screen display board", "plug-in instant power generation data" Unique functions such as "with monitoring and display system", "automatic unlinking and automatic return"; suitable for a variety of industrial applications, such as gas station price list, factory production line display system and outdoor time temperature display, etc. the use of. In addition, the LED solar panel outside the kanban will be more widely used.

In addition, the outdoor LED display of Lianyi Technology takes a higher frequency of frequency change, with the increase of gray scale, reduces the distortion rate, can solve the phenomenon of LED overheating and causing early decay; and can also make digital display kanban according to customer's needs. And can provide secondary development, allowing the demander to expand the function in the existing software.

The Multimedia Wiring Harness apply to Audio,Video,Radio, LVDs,Flat RCA,USB. 

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Multimedia Wiring Harness

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