CrystalTech successfully held ISS automatic crystal growth furnace promotion conference in Shanghai

On November 5th, 2010, Hong Kong CoreTech Technology Co., Ltd. (CrystalTech) held a ISS full range of crystal growth furnace product launch conference at the Ritz-Carlton, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. At the meeting, Mr. Xu Yongliang, President of CrystalTech, Mr. Chen Wenyuan, Vice President, and Ms. Chen Hong, Marketing Director, from the three perspectives of sapphire growth technology and technology, sapphire demand status, and new equipment operating costs, were more than 80 people who came to listen to it. A panoramic view of the sapphire substrate for the LED manufacturing industry is presented. The conference was a complete success, with participants mostly coming from LEDs and solar energy as well as some emerging industries. During the Q&A session after the meeting, participants discussed the technical details of the equipment.

As a leading global supplier of LED crystal growth equipment, CrystalTech is principally engaged in the manufacture and development of LED upstream core equipment, including the development and manufacture of sapphire crystal growth equipment and substrate material processing equipment. From pre-sales water and electrical equipment, infrastructure planning, to equipment installation, process commissioning and personnel training, to after-sales technical support and remote monitoring of equipment, CrystalTech aims to provide customers with complete LED-based sapphire crystal growth. Turnkey solution.

In the report, Ms. Chen Hong made a detailed analysis of the development trend of the sapphire application market at home and abroad. As we all know, applications such as LED backlights and landscape lighting are driving the entire LED industry to flourish. The booming LED industry has directly triggered the problem of the growing supply gap of LED sapphire substrates, which has pushed up the price of sapphire. According to statistics, the price of 2-inch sapphire crystal rods has increased from the original 7 to 8 US dollars / mm to 21 US dollars / mm (corresponding to the price of 35 US dollars per sapphire polished sheet). Many internationally renowned manufacturers and domestic sapphire crystal manufacturers have achieved huge economic benefits, and some companies have successfully used this opportunity to increase the market share of production.

She added that the sapphire crystal growth furnace will be the biggest bottleneck for LEDs during 2010-2012. Therefore, it is imperative to increase the number of crystal growth furnaces. From a quantitative point of view, according to the data of the number of new MOCVD equipment (42 or 55), there is a huge market gap in the supply and demand of global sapphire substrates in the past two years, and accordingly, the entire market needs to be added. There is also room for growth in the number of sapphire crystal growth furnaces.

Therefore, the market needs sapphire crystals that are larger in size, more stable in quality, and capable of keeping up with demand to alleviate the current shortage of supply. Specifically, it is necessary to increase the supply of high-quality raw materials and increase the production capacity of sapphire crystal growth technology.

As a manufacturer specializing in sapphire crystal growth equipment, CrystalTech's ISS3520 crystal growth furnace equipment solves the following problems: automation, run-to-run consistency, prompt delivery, and rapid scale expansion.

Mr. Xu gave a detailed introduction to various sapphire crystal growth methods. Compared to traditional methods, the CrystalTech LSGTM process performed better in terms of crystal quality, growth rate, productivity and product consistency.

Graphic explanation: Mr. Xu Yongliang, President of CrystalTech, interacted with the participants at the seminar.

According to reports, the ISS3520 sapphire crystal growth equipment has achieved seven major innovations in design, including fully automatic control (using the fully self-developed LSGTM process), stable temperature field design, and good human-computer interaction. At the equipment demonstration site, CrystalTech showed the ISS3520 equipment to the guests.

The successful launch of the CrystalTech ISS fully automatic crystal growth furnace product promotion conference has increased the confidence of professionals who came to the conference to enter the sapphire substrate material market. Undoubtedly, 2010 is the first year of LED development in China. We are convinced that this promotion will definitely promote the rapid development of domestic sapphire substrate materials.

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