Dingyuan Optoelectronics launches the first 8.5W LED PAR30 lighting fixture

Dingyuan Optoelectronics (2426) recently released 8.5W LED PAR30 lighting fixtures. Its optical center uses a patented reflective design, and in conjunction with its unique patented heat dissipation structure, it has developed a series of LED lighting products that are different from the market LED PAR lamp design.

This luminaire has a special luminous surface and presents a Y-shaped light pole. It uses a non-direct-illuminated optical design. The LEDs are subtly arranged and projected onto the internal mirror. The optically designed mirrors project the light to the required illumination angle and Light distribution. This method can avoid the glare and superimposed problems caused by traditional LED lamps.

At the present stage, the first PAR lamp series is launched - the white light with a luminous angle of 20 degrees and a color temperature of 5700~7000K, with a central illumination of more than 8500 lux. It has greatly surpassed the same specifications LED products and the traditional 35W PAR30. This design has applied for Japanese, European and American patents. It is expected to be mass-produced in Q1 2011.

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