Chancheng impacts LED and other emerging industries to sell 50 billion in emerging industries in 2015

Chancheng wants to build a smart new city to undertake emerging industries. Recently, Chancheng District issued the "Decision on Building a Smart Industry System to Accelerate the Transformation of Economic Development Mode" (hereinafter referred to as "the "Decision") and the innovative industry land carrier safeguard measures, and proposed to focus on the development of new IT, semiconductor lighting (LED) Urban new strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and modern service industries provide industrial carriers with a construction area of ​​no less than 30,000 square meters. Nanzhuang will use existing land to impact emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, LEDs, new materials and biomass.

The total annual output value of new energy will reach 5 billion yuan

Chancheng District plans to develop a smart industry system. The goal is to start with a strategic emerging industry with an annual sales income of 50 billion yuan. The added value of the service industry accounts for about 60% of GDP, forming a group of leading enterprises in the industry. A cluster of emerging industries with national influence. Among them, the annual sales revenue of the semiconductor lighting (LED) industry should reach 20 billion yuan, the annual sales revenue of the new high-end electronic information industry will reach 25 billion yuan, and the total annual output value of new energy will reach 5 billion yuan.

Chancheng proposed to build a “smart new city”, relying on Foshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone to actively promote the construction of high-end electronic information industry bases such as radio frequency (R FID), cloud computing and Internet of Things. The planning area of ​​Wisdom New Town is about 2,000 mu, focusing on the development of new IT, Internet of Things, triple play, new LED materials, and intelligent service industries. It mainly develops R&D, creative economy, and headquarters economy. The smart new city industry will basically take shape at the end of next year.

By 2015, the production scale of smart industries will reach 15 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 40%, and the added value of service industry will account for about 80% of GDP. The unit's economic output is relatively high, ranking first in Foshan City and top three in the province.

Smart Industry Investment Fund's first phase of 1 billion

According to reports, Chancheng District, as a demonstration area for the construction of “four-in-one integration wisdom Foshan” in Foshan City, the Chancheng District Committee and District Government in the development of the smart industry system, to give the wisdom of the new city in the country, planning and other matters of authority. The establishment of the Smart Chancheng Industrial Investment Fund, the first phase of the scale of 1 billion yuan, of which 420 million yuan has been put in place, mainly to support key projects in the incubation stage, and the "Smart New City" project is one of the key projects.

Nanzhuang biomass industry has a five-year output value of 30 billion

The "Decision" proposes to use existing land in Nanzhuang to move toward the new energy automobile industry, LED industry, new materials and biomass energy industry. The new materials and biomass energy industrial park will be built on the basis of the Geely Industrial Park in the Chancheng Economic Development Zone. The total planned land area of ​​the industrial park is 2,500 mu, which will include a biomass energy production, equipment, burning appliances, boiler manufacturing, etc. The integrated industrial chain strives to achieve industrial output value of more than 30 billion in five years. It is reported that the Foshan Plastics Group's solar film new materials project is also intended to settle in the park.

The relevant person in charge said, “The land resources in the main city are very valuable. Nanzhuang and Zhang Wei can find an opportunity in the new round of development.” According to the “Implementation Measures for the Guarantee of Urban Strategic Emerging Industries Construction Land (Trial)”, It is proposed that the construction area of ​​urban strategic emerging industry carrier land should be no less than 30,000 square meters. The construction of urban strategic emerging industry development carrier should conform to the overall land use planning. More flexible is that if planning needs to be adjusted, it can be planned. Revised.


Venture capital is not less than 3 million

According to the policies of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuxi, Chancheng District will provide 500,000 yuan for the high-end talents who choose to settle in Chancheng, or provide apartment housing of not less than 90 square meters. In order to attract intelligent experts to settle down, Chancheng launched the first batch of 200 sets of expert apartments. Five senior talents, including academicians of the two academies, Changjiang scholars and special professors, will be able to stay in expert apartments for a maximum stay of three years. Innovative start-up funds of not less than RMB 1 million will be given at one time, and no less than 100 square meters of workplace will be provided, and rents will be waived within three years. For those engaged in science and technology development projects, after the demonstration and approval, according to the investment needs of their projects, a venture capital of not less than 3 million yuan will be given.

There are innovations in cities like Wuxi.

The relevant person in charge of Chancheng District said that the above related offers correspond to the preferential policies for talent introduction in cities such as Wuxi, and the preferential efforts are not inferior or even innovative. "For example, for products that meet the government procurement conditions, priority should be given to bidding for government procurement projects. The high-end talents who come to settle in can move their own and their dependent family accounts into the collective households of the Chancheng District Talent Service Management Office. It is also an innovation."

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