Xiao Bian explain: memory is as large, why the network box is not as fast as the computer

The most direct factor affecting the application experience of electronic devices is the hardware configuration. The same configuration may also have different application experience. For example, if the set-top box and the computer have the same 2GB of memory, why is the set-top box running the program very stuck, and the computer can not open the multiple programs at the same time, there will not be stalled phenomenon? Why is this?

To understand these issues, we first need to understand some memory knowledge.

For a set-top box, usually when people talk about the memory of a set-top box, they often refer to the place where they store things. The memory that we are going to talk about today is the set-top box that determines the operating speed of the set-top box, which is RAM. The computer memory is equivalent to the storage of the set-top box, which is the key to the fast running of the program.
Memory is used to store program running data. It is a temporary storage. The more programs are run, or the larger the program data, the larger the occupied memory. When the computer and the set-top box are stuck, the memory is insufficient.

Memory is a very important accessory in the computer. In the early days of the popularization of computers, the speed of the computer was slow to respond. People first chose to upgrade is the computer's memory, visible memory has a great influence on the speed of the computer.

Computer memory is actually a place where programs and data are temporarily stored in the computer. Every operation of the computer is inseparable from memory processing. For example, when we use a Word document, when you type a character, it is temporarily stored in memory. When you choose to store, the data temporarily stored in the memory will be stored on the hard disk.

Memory generally uses semiconductor memory cells, including RAM, ROM, and CACHE. Our computer's commonly used memory is RAM. When the PC clerk is shut down, its power-off will not save the data. The memory stick is to concentrate the RAM manifold on a small circuit board and plug it into the computer's slot to work.

DDR memory is the current mainstream memory of our computer. It can be said that it is an upgraded version of SDRAM. DDR memory is a compromise between performance and cost. Its purpose is to quickly establish a solid market space, and then a step. Steps in the frequency of singing and eventually make up for the lack of memory bandwidth.

In 2002, JEDEC announced the development of the DDR3 memory standard. Today, DDR3 is already the mainstream computer memory accessory. Many manufacturers have their own DDR3 solutions. DDR3 provides higher operating performance and lower voltage than DDR2 SDRAM. The current mainstream memory modules are 2G, 4G, and 8G models.

At present, DDR4 memory modules have emerged, but their cost performance is relatively low, and their popularity will still take some time. However, it is a future trend and may replace the now popular DDR3 in the next two to three years.

Most of the memory used on the set-top box is DDR3, but its performance is equivalent to the low-end version of the PC chip. The performance of the low-voltage version is generally not as good as the normal voltage performance, which is 2G of the memory running on the set-top box is slower than the computer. One factor.

Given so much memory knowledge, then we have to get it right. The same is 2GB of memory, why is the set top box not as good as a computer?

1. The set-top box memory is basically a low-power version, so its performance cannot be compared with the computer memory.

2. In addition to the above version, there is an important reason that is computer virtual memory technology.

What is virtual memory? Virtual memory is a technology of computer system memory management. It makes the application think it has continuous available memory (a complete address space in a row), but in reality, it is usually partitioned into multiple physical memory fragments, and some are temporarily stored in external disk storage. Data exchange. At present, most woodpecker operating systems use virtual memory, such as "virtual memory" of the Windows family, "exchange space" of Linux, and so on.

So what's the role of virtual memory? The size of the memory directly determines how much our computer can run. When the running program exceeds the memory size, the system changes the card. The appearance of virtual memory extends the size of the memory to a certain extent, allowing the computer to run more programs.

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