LED industry demand rebounded for two consecutive months, fourth quarter revenue is expected to double-digit growth

Dongbei (2499-TW) consolidated revenue of 550 million yuan in September, up 8% from August. The demand for LED industry has rebounded for two consecutive months. The combined revenue of the third quarter was 1.56 billion yuan, due to the clearing of bulbs by international manufacturers. The old stocks have come to an end. It is now seen that the lighting orders of European and American customers have been returned after the third season. It is estimated that the lighting products will grow by nearly 30% in the fourth quarter. The legal person is optimistic that the revenue will reach double digits in the fourth quarter. growing up.

Dongbei said that LED lighting and backlight demand showed a decline in the second and third quarters, mainly due to the low-cost out-of-stock inventory of international lighting manufacturers, and the global sales of backlight products did not increase or decrease, affecting LED The industry's overall application revenue also declined, but in August the revenue has stopped falling, and has started to rise for two consecutive months since September.

Dongbei pointed out that the main reason is that the influence of the international lighting factory clearing the light bulb inventory has come to an end, the customer also simultaneously reduced the existing inventory, and the market price and the channel inventory have undergone about a quarterly adjustment. Orders will be returned after the third quarter, and it is estimated that the lighting output will grow by nearly 30% in the fourth quarter.

Dongbei said that in addition to maintaining high-end performance models, it is actively strengthening its design capabilities, accelerating the improvement of material costs, and launching bulb products that are more in line with field demand and more competitively priced, and actively respond to market demand. Enhance the competitiveness of European and American customers in the market.

Dongbei said that the LED industry has been hit by this year, mainly from backlight applications such as large-size TVs and high-end smart phones. Due to the lack of global shipments, the demand for backlights has slowed down. At the same time, lighting products are in the first place. In the second quarter, Philip went out of the old stock of light bulbs, causing the revenue to fall.

Dongbei stressed that in the third quarter, it has actively responded to the transformation, in addition to the development of higher-order high-color gamut packaging products, while continuing to increase the layout of LED lighting product lines, strengthening 100% MIT Taiwan-made high-quality light bulbs, currently In addition to maintaining high-end performance models, it also strengthens the design and increases the low-cost design version into the low-end market. It can significantly increase the consumption of lighting bulbs, respond positively to market demand, and expand global market share.

Dongbei said that in the first half of the year, lighting products accounted for nearly 50% of the company's revenue, plus the fourth quarter of each year to the next spring, due to the shortened daylight hours, nighttime lighting and long-term demand, the traditional lighting season Therefore, it is estimated that the LED lighting penetration rate will be brilliant in the fourth quarter to next year.

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