Three stages of analysis of the development of LED industry

Since the LED is mainly composed of monochromatic light at the beginning, although the power is small and the price is high, the reliability is high, the controllability is strong, and the volume is small, so the first emerging market is the electronic device indicator light. For example: traffic model lights, etc. With the gradual development, LEDs have gradually replaced some traditional light source products in public places such as lighting auxiliary lighting. With the light-efficiency hints and prices of white LEDs, LEDs occupy an increasing share of the backlights of electronic products (such as mobile phones, LCD TVs, etc.) and automotive lights. In 2009, LED began to enter the mainstream lighting popularity in developed countries.

Especially in commercial applications where electricity costs are high and usage time is long, LED lamps quickly become the darling of the market. It can be speculated that as a lighting application, the LED market development is divided into several stages.

Phase 1: Alternative Acceptance Phase

This stage refers to the early development of LED, mainly reflecting its high luminous efficiency (small energy consumption) and long life. Because of the high price, it is mainly in the commercial market at this stage. The appearance and interface of some traditional light sources are the "laws" that must be observed at the beginning. The customer has an acceptance process, starting with the transition and acceptance of habits and appearance. In the case of the use of the traditional light source, the LED's power saving, longevity and other characteristics make the market easy to accept its relatively high price. Especially in commercial applications. Each manufacturer is fighting for quality and price advantages.

The second stage: the utility model stage

On the basis of the previous stage, the market has certain recognition and acceptance of LED products. Other features such as environmental protection, small size, and high reliability of LEDs have gradually emerged. The resulting range of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications will be popular. For example: new light source integrated lamps with different shapes, high-reliability explosion-proof work lights, inductive unattended lights, etc. The lighting industry will have a larger and broader development space. The light source is no longer just for lighting, and its change makes it more relevant to people's work and life. Each manufacturer is fighting for design and application advantages.

The third stage: intelligent control stage

With the development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, LED as a semiconductor industry will also be equipped with such high-speed trains to play its high controllability. From home to office buildings, from roads to tunnels, from cars to walks, from auxiliary lighting to main lighting, intelligently controlled LED lighting systems will bring a higher level of service to humans. The LED industry will also go from making products to designing products to providing a total solution.

In summary, the competition in the LED industry will change from manufacturing to service industry, which will be transformed from product manufacturing to solution production. Its wide range of features will create broad market prospects. And will be inserted into various industries that have never been seen before.

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