Domestic merchants collaborate on LED lighting "hard bones"

500,000 high-power LED bulbs, 37,000 sets of LED-specific lamps, and 50,000 square meters of light-emitting area. At the 2008 Olympic Games, the water cubes, which are full of brilliance and change from light to light, create the world's best: The world's largest LED art landscape lighting building. As a result, this high-tech lighting began to enter the eyes of the Chinese.

Despite the large LED market, the market share of the largest domestic enterprises is less than 3 billion yuan, “that is, 2% of the market”. “The first LED ordinary general held by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary Jun Jun The Lighting Products and Technology Seminar was stated. How to promote the development of the industry and promote domestic enterprises to participate in market competition has become a hot topic of discussion.

As a new type of light source, LED lighting is not only used in landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, television, automotive, indoor lighting and other fields are beginning to be applied. "Common TV, the most important device in the TV manufacturing panel, but the cost of the backlight accounted for 1/3 of the whole machine; because the LED light source has low temperature, power saving, life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, no infrared Such secondary pollution is also suitable for protecting books and cultural relics in buildings such as libraries. The biggest feature of LEDs is that they are easy to dim, and can adjust the light intensity and color temperature according to changes in the surrounding environment.” Yan Jun said, “Like tunnels, street lamps, When there are few vehicles at night, LED lighting can control the light source. This can also be used for indoor lighting. When people come to light, the lights are automatically dimmed. At present, some Japanese companies have already done this. a little.

It can be seen that LED lighting has a wide range of applications and is easily accepted as a low carbon energy saving lighting. However, for many domestic enterprises that have just started, they may not be as wonderful as they are. On the one hand, industry standards still need to be formulated; on the other hand, foreign giants have stepped in; if they want to gain a certain market share, they can get from patents and industrial chains. Obtaining an advantage obviously takes longer.

“The blue and green light of the Water Cube wanted to use domestic chips. We also did a lot of research and experimentation, but in the end we still didn’t dare to use it. In the current application market, 80% of the chips are still imported.”

At the seminar, Deputy Secretary-General Qi Jun also revealed that in the "12th Five-Year Plan" industrial plan, "LED standards and testing will be a key point, followed by 'one hard and one soft', 'one on the other'. Hard to refer to the core equipment, key equipment to achieve localization, a soft finger to do a good job of talent reserve; one refers to doing a good job of upstream intellectual property rights, the next step is to do a pilot and demonstration of downstream lighting. In the '13th Five-Year' to achieve full localization ".

"Like Philips, it was originally invested in Hewlett-Packard Company. Now it is acquiring SK. It is in the upstream and downstream companies of the acquisition industry to get through these industrial chains. In addition, like GREEN, it was originally a chip company. Now it also buys Huagang. LF is a chip company, and is also doing industry integration. These large multinational companies are struggling to break through the industrial chain and technology chain.” Qi Jun said that in the integration of the industrial chain, there is still much work to be done for Chinese companies. .

On the other hand, cross-industry restructuring is also intensifying. "Because LED belongs to the branch of semiconductor optoelectronics, but now many giants in the semiconductor industry have begun to enter the LED market, such as Taiwan's annual power and other large enterprises. Many electronics manufacturers have also begun to intervene, like Japan, it is obvious, such as before Panasonic lighting Everyone knows that Sharp didn't do it before, but since last year, Sharp has been involved, especially its light bulbs have greatly promoted the market.” Qi Jun said that the industrialization development is accelerating and the LED price is falling rapidly. In Japan, it started at 10,000 yen, and later fell to 3,000 yen. Now it is 2,000 yen or less, and it is more than 100 yuan." In South Korea, Samsung and other companies are also entering the industry.

"From the perspective of the status quo of domestic enterprises, the current situation is mainly a decentralized situation, and the company's share is small, but more and more companies are entering this field." The current situation is not optimistic, but in the past few years, the localization of LED has achieved a certain degree. Progress, "In the grand celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, among the four large screens in Tiananmen Square, two of the chips have been localized." In the process, some enterprises have also begun to actively explore the relationship with large international companies. Technical cooperation, such as Shenzhen Zhongming Semiconductor and Osram and other companies have carried out technical cooperation; while some traditional enterprises in the development of the west, LED has also become an important direction.

"From the upstream of the industry, we have more problems and fewer patent products. At present, many large enterprises are paying attention to downstream application patents. This will be a development direction. Domestic companies have been growing rapidly in patent applications in recent years. "The domestic enterprise machinery manufacturing has a certain foundation, but there is still a lot of room for technological upgrading. “In the downstream industry chain, the Olympics and the Expo have brought a good improvement to the application market, but it has yet to be more widely developed in the fields of television, landscape, automobile and tunnel.”

Qi Jun said that traditional enterprises should use sales channels to make good connections with LED companies, while in the downstream, enterprises should segment the market and make good products and featured products.

At present, the output value of the LED industry is 80 billion yuan, and more and more traditional enterprises are turning to the LED market under the prospect of "5 to 10 years, solid-state lighting of LED semiconductors as a light source will gradually replace traditional lighting".

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