Shenzhen LED industry develops rapidly and the government supports

From the just-concluded 5th "China (Shanghai) International LED Industrial Technology Exhibition - LED Light Body and Urban Lighting Exhibition", it was learned that the Shenzhen LED Enterprise Pavilion, which was entered by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, industry organizations and LED companies, was At the Shanghai exhibition, the bright and unified image and the new technologies, new products and new ideas at the forefront of the LED industry have been fully affirmed at the exhibition site. More than 2,000 projects have been reached, creating a transaction volume of more than 4 billion. The Shenzhen LED Corps entered the East China market and concluded a successful conclusion.

More than 40 Shenzhen LED companies jointly exhibited by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce jointly appeared in Shanghai and attracted buyers at home and abroad with a unified and distinctive image. The LED enterprises in Shenzhen have the largest share in the country, and the upstream, middle and lower-end industrial chains are relatively complete. The activities of this group exhibition have been highly valued by the relevant leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the leaders of the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce. It is hoped that Shenzhen enterprises can integrate resources through resources. Combine their respective advantages and take advantage of the international platform of Shanghai International LED Lighting Exhibition, facing the audience at home and abroad. The exhibition attracted more than 400 well-known domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters. In 4 days, there were more than 100 countries and regions, and 100,000 domestic and foreign audiences came to visit and purchase; on average, each booth received more than 200 professional customers every day, and the exhibitors responded enthusiastically.

Under the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and relevant policy support, and with the assistance of the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce and the community, the gathering of Sanda, Juduo, Bangbei, Zhouming, Kona, Dazu Laser, etc. Shenzhen LED famous companies participated in the exhibition. The unprecedented spectacular lineup has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign LED buyers and industry professionals.

As the largest gathering place of LED industry in China, Shenzhen LED industry has gradually begun to show the gathering effect of LED industry equipment and consumables manufacturers and buyers at home and abroad. While contributing to the industry colleagues, the “Gourmet Feast” of the global LED industry, Shenzhen The LED business group has achieved fruitful results.

From the Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the exhibition has realized the win-win effect of Shenzhen LED enterprises, and further strengthened the Shenzhen LED brand image of “meeting the needs of the international market, demonstrating cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and leading the future development of the industry”. The industry will flourish in 2010.

It is reported that relevant departments of Shenzhen have begun to build eight major platforms, including Huaqiang North LED Purchasing Center, LED Technology R&D Institute, and Viewing Research Center. Among them, LED Technology R&D Institute is located in Nanshan District, and will apply for the construction of a national LED R&D center to strengthen Exchange of enterprise R&D department; strengthen viewing design and application design, build Shenzhen International LED Viewing Research Center, Viewing Industry Design Park; establish LED standard alliance and patent alliance; build LED industrial zone in Guangming New District; build in financial service field A unique service platform.

The Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau also issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Comprehensive Energy-saving Work of Urban Lighting in Shenzhen” on October 12, 2009. It plans to save 5% of electricity consumption per year in urban lighting, and requires a total of 15% of electricity saved in 3 years. Specific measures for energy-saving renovation of urban lighting systems. This allows us to see the government's determination to work on energy saving and emission reduction in urban lighting. We are also inspired by the joy.


Microphone is a kind of electrets microphone unit for audio input. It is a transducer which can transduce audio signal into electric signal. It is also called receiver. It is widely used in many industries which need audio input.


Our main microphones include:

1)    From the diameter: we have microphones in 4mm~10mm.

2)    From the direction, we have omni-direactional  and one-directional micphones.





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XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 
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XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples. 
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XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

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