Panasonic Electric Works newly launched light effect up to 104.6lm / W LED fluorescent lamp

Matsushita Electric Industrial has launched a new product "LED Lighting EVERLEDS Series LED Basic Light Direct Illumination Type" for LED lighting equipment for the office. The biggest feature is the high overall efficiency, reaching 104.6lm / W (6800lm & mid dot; 65W). Compared with the company's products developed in 2009, the efficiency has increased by about 52%.

There are already basic lighting fixtures for offices using LEDs, which are characterized by long lamp life and convenient maintenance. However, the problem is that the overall efficiency is lower than that of basic lighting fixtures using Hf fluorescent lamps. According to the company, the overall efficiency of existing LED-based lighting fixtures launched in 2009 was 68.8 lm/W, which was behind 85.3 lm/W of two 32W-type Hf fluorescent lamps.

To this end, Matsushita Electric has developed new products by improving heat dissipation design, optical design and component design, and using high-efficiency LED units and highly reflective white resin reflectors. Thereby, almost the same brightness (illuminance) as that of the basic lighting fixture using two 32W type Hf fluorescent lamps is ensured, and at the same time, glare (uncomfortable glare feeling) is suppressed, and a height of 104.6 lm/W is achieved. effectiveness.


In addition, this new product can significantly reduce the power consumption when ensuring the same illuminance. Compared with basic lighting fixtures using two 32W Hf fluorescent lamps, it can reduce power consumption by about 25%; compared with the LED basic lighting fixtures listed in 2009, it can reduce power consumption by about 37%.

The new product is available in both a ceiling-mounted model and a model that is embedded in the ceiling. Both models use 150 daylight LEDs. The life of the light source is 40,000 hours. The supply will start from August 1, 2010, and the sales target for 2010 will be 5,000 units/year. The price has not been announced.


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